Kalimat’s latest title Noor highlights the role of familial love in nurturing visually impaired children

Kalimat’s latest title Noor highlights the role of familial love
in nurturing visually impaired children

Targeting 6-9-year-olds, Noor is the story of a blind girl who ‘sees’ with her heart


 Sharjah, April 1st,  2020:Award-winning UAE-publisher, Kalimat, specialised in publishing Arabic books for children and the youth, has announced the launch of its latest title, Noor, featuring the story of a young, blind girl who ‘sees’ with her heart.

Lebanese writer Sanaa Shabbani, who has authored 15 children’s books and two published plays, narrates the story of Noor who, despite her visual impairment, draws on the strengths of her heightened awareness of the other four senses to grasp and enjoy the beauty of life, and the delightful creatures and objects in her environment.

The little girl ‘sees’ her mother by listening to her loving and caring voice. She is happy when she hears her father tell her brother to remove the toys obstructing her way.

Noor has an enhanced sense of smell and touch. She walks with caution, counting her steps towards the balcony. Noor loves all animals and treats them with immense kindness and tenderness. She enjoys caressing her cat, stroking its fur and feeling its body as it moves.

The story emphasises the integral role a supportive family plays in nurturing a blind child and helping him/her lead a healthy, happy and independent life.

It is the love, care and affection that Noor receives from her family that help alleviate the suffering she experiences otherwise as a visually impaired child.

Noor’s family celebrate their daughter’s success at school by organising a party and baking a chocolate cake for her. Her father gifts her a book in braille, which she can read by touching its raised letters. Her brother chooses a musical toy for her, while her sister presents her with a fragrant flower. For the young Noor, her four family members who shower her with love and warmth, are “my four senses”.

Noor, targeting children aged 6-9 years, is illustrated by Hector Borlasca from Argentina.

Kalimat, an imprint of Sharjah-based Kalimat Group, works with award-winning writers and illustrators from across the globe to produce books highlighting Arab and international culture.

All titles published by Kalimat Group’s titles are available online at www.kalimatgroup.ae



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