Gaetano Vivo to channel positive vibes

Live meditationacross Dubai, UK and Italy with Gaetano Vivo to channel positive vibes

Intuitive healer & channeler Master leads meditation to mitigate fear, spread love and positivity

Dubai, March 12, 2020: World-renowned channeler Master Gaetano Vivo, currently based in the UAE and ready to share his learning and experiences of healing people worldwide, led live meditation yesterday across Dubai, UK and Italy to channel positive energy across the globe amidst the growing fear and negativity around the Coronavirus epidemic.


The live meditation, held at 9 pm Dubai time [5 pm UK time and 6 pm Italy time], aimed to mitigate fear and negativity around the virus in different parts of the globe. This initiative was aimed at instilling hope, love and positivity among the people, instead of separation, anxiety and distress.


“It is imperative today to take everyone towards a positive and inclusive directionon the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. We need to inculcate hope, a purposeful goal and positive feelings, and our live meditation was a step in that direction,” said Gaetano Vivo.


“It is time for all to invest their time in serving the society, and humanity as a whole, whileconcentrating on sharing and caring above personal interest. Building Self-respect, self-confidence, unconditional love and compassion is the need of the hour,” he added.


As part of Vivo Healing, Gaetano Vivo offers a wide array of healing techniques –beit Energy Healing to alleviate stress,depression, Reiki Healing through both Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki or Xantia Healing – a combination of all the different approaches.


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