Eros Group’s CEO joins the board of the Superbrands Council

Eros Group’s CEO joins the board of the Superbrands Council
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 1st March 2020: Eros Group, distributor of world-renowned brands like Hitachi, Linksys, TCL, Midea, Sonos and many more, announced its CEO, Niranjan Gidwani has joined the board of the Superbrands Council, the independent authority and arbiter of branding.

The Superbrands program, identifies the brands which offer consumers emotional and tangible benefits above that of their competitors. Independent researchers devise a population list of approximately 10,000 brands, which is then shortlisted by Superbrands internal experts to create a concise list of approximately 1,500 brands to be submitted to the independent and voluntary Superbrands Council for scoring. Once the scoring is done, those who get high rates by the council qualify for the Superbrands awards.

Mike English, Director, Superbrands Middle East & North Africa said, “The Superbrands Council are the backbone of our operations in every country we enter. The UAE has had a Superbrands programme for 20 years and to have Niranjan Gidwani as one of our council members, with his depth of knowledge of branding in the Emirates, makes the current Council one of the strongest we have ever had.”

Niranjan Gidwani, CEO, Eros Group said “It is a great honor to join the elites Superbrands Council which has on its board some business luminaries of UAE. My interaction with Superbrands is now over a decade since we were voted in 2011 as a Superbrand. Since then I have been interacting with the Superbrands team at various forums and found its work interesting. I look forward to be a part of this respected board and contribute to discussing on the next Superbrands of the UAE.”

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