Get Things Done With TAMM this UAE Innovation Month

Get Things Done With TAMM this UAE Innovation Month

 TAMM provides citizen-centric government services to everyone in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 27 February 2020 – Through cutting edge initiatives such as TAMM, the Abu Dhabi government   is showcasing how digital transformation and digital governance can benefit everyone in Abu Dhabi today, as part of UAE Innovation Month.


TAMM, the integrated Abu Dhabi government services portal that allows residents to log in to access a range of services from government entities, is part of the Abu Dhabi government’s efforts to accelerate Vision 2030 and the Abu Dhabi Plan. Under the stewardship of the ADDA and in close collaboration with all government entities, the initiative is focused on contributing towards a knowledge-based economy. TAMM will ultimately bring together all government services under one banner, accessible via website, mobile app, call centre or physical service centre.


Mohamed Al Askar, the newly-appointed Acting Director General of the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, said: “UAE Innovation Month offers a unique opportunity to highlight our progressive government’s strategic plan.  Supporting and empowering Abu Dhabi’s vision to become a global smart city, serving its citizens, residents, investors and visitors through a next-generation digital infrastructure that facilitates and enhances their lives is our collaborative goal. TAMM is one of our key initiatives in close alignment with all government entities to deliver omnichannel services that encapsulate excellence, speed and efficiency.”


Innovation is one of the core pillars of the transformative strategy, which has led to the creation of a consolidated digital platform which delivers government services at unified access points guided by advanced technologies. As an integrated and secure portal, TAMM promotes digital inclusivity while maintaining operational excellence and efficiency.


Pioneering a digitised future, TAMM plays a significant role in Abu Dhabi’s ongoing transformation by offering convenient citizen experiences to local communities facilitating social and economic growth in Abu Dhabi.


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