IACAD launches smart donation service in mosques

IACAD launches smart donation service in mosques

Dubai, 19 February 2020: The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai (IACAD) recently launched a smart donation service in Dubai mosques, which allows users to donate money by scanning QR codes through their phone. This is in line with IACAD’s commitment to Article 9 of 50-Year-Charter, and its contribution to bolster this initiative while keeping pace with the rapid transformations in the country. This initiative replaces traditional methods and procedures of donation.

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Habtoor, Director of the Department of Zakat and Charity Funds at IACAD mentioned that smart donations will start from a code that deducts AED 10 to AED 200 directly from the donor’s phone, and they receive a notification on the spot. Based on previous humanitarian-support projects implemented by IACAD, donations will be distributed to several areas. These include education, health and other humanitarian causes. All the aforementioned ensure that donations reach various segments of society.

Dr. Al Habtoor stated that replacing traditional donation boxes with QR code-based  donations showcases IACAD’s keenness to transform its services, and it serves donors and customers alike. This in line with IACAD’s purpose to build cohesive societies seeking to help the underprivileged.

Different QR codes represent different donations amounts. AED 10 donations will be allocated for public charity, AED 20 for food donations, AED 50 for educational support, AED 100 for Tafreej Korba (Distress Relief), and AED 200 for mosque care.

IACAD has a dedicated toll-free number – 800600 – available 24 hours a day to receive feedback from the community on the project.


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