Pullman Sharjah: A New Touch from Manazil Real Estate Group

Pullman Sharjah: A New Touch from Manazil Real Estate Group

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, February 2020: Manazil Real Estate Group unveiled its latest development, Pullman Hotel, in Sharjah, which will open soon, to address the increase in tourists choosing this vibrant emirate as their destination.

The five-star property will be managed by Accor Middle East and is considered the latest addition to Manazil Group’s projects. Building and developing high-quality projects in the hospitality and health care sectors, Manazil is internationally renowned for projects with unique designs and architecture, including Marjan Island Resort and Spa, with panoramic view of the Gulf; Terhab Hotel and Towers Jumeirah (Jumeirah Village Dubai); and Terhab Hotel & Residence Sharjah


Eng. Abdul Mohsen Al Hammadi, CEO of Manazil Real Estate Group, the owner of Pullman Hotel Sharjah, said: “This is the latest addition to the Group’s hotel portfolio, managed in collaboration with Accor Middle East. Being one of the fastest growing groups in hotels management and hospitality industry in the region, Accor manages over 4900 hotels and resorts globally; including the five-star Pullman Hotel Sharjah.”


Al Hammadi added: “The prime location, close to Sharjah Expo a key feature, as Sharjah is increasingly attracting the region’s most important expos and conferences, supported by the Government of Sharjah and the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority,” added Al Hammadi.


Al Hammadi continues: “The hotel includes several ballrooms and meeting rooms, equipped with latest technologies. The hotel will host conferences, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, training sessions, among others for Government entities, private sector organizations, as well as healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, we will host other social events like wedding parties and birthdays. Pullman Sharjah also includes Oriana Hospital, the first of its kind in the region to promote medical tourism, supported by the Sharjah government,” he adds. “Medical tourism is becoming highly competitive, which drives the demand for more affordable hotels and resorts for patients and their families.”


The medical center at the Pullman Sharjah offers best-in-class medical services in addition to common surgeries, with the highest levels of privacy. While staying at the hotel, patients can receive their treatment and undergo the needed surgery in the medical center, then recover in their hotel rooms.


Moreover, the hospital would include a state-of-the-art OB GYN section, offering the best pre- and post-natal care.


“Through the five-star Pullman Sharjah, we aim to provide medical tourism and entertainment products for everyone. Furthermore, we are targeting GCC markets, some of the main markets for medical tourism, as well as European, Asian and African markets,” He concluded.


With 180 rooms and suits, Arabian architecture, and comforting atmosphere, Pullman Sharjah offers guests a seamless stay in rooms bigger than the typical five-star rooms. The hotel also offers a set of high-quality dining experiences, with a variety of foods and beverages for all tastes. The hotel also includes gym, spa and hair saloon facility.


Pullman Sharjah is expected to welcome UAE residents as well as visitors from all over the world, providing them with excellent services to exceed their expectations.


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