February 18, 2020. Dubai, UAE – Music is a significant sector of the UAE’s vision to be the region’s hub of international arts and culture and Dubai-based Soprano Bettina Schweiger is one of the premier initiators and trailblazers of promoting classical music in the entire Emirates through her series of shows and concerts in the country.

“My dream is to use my music to bridge cultures and people all over the world as I believe that music is a universal language that everyone understands.” said Bettina Schweiger.


Prior to being the most sought after Soprano singer in Dubai, Bettina has done a lot of interesting things and these Top 7 things about her would surely amaze you.

  1. A Voice with Flying Colors


Bettina has performed in over 20 countries and has won several awards and competitions such as Prima la Musica,  Ferruccio Tagliavini International Vocal Competition, Musica Juventutis


  1. Honour in High Notes


Bettina has studied singing for over 10 years in 3 of the most prestigious music schools in the world and holds a master degree in Music and Opera Performances in Mozarteum Salzburg, AVA Philadelphia and University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, to name a few.


  1.  Mad for Makeup


Most of the artists would prefer having their makeup done before going up on stage but Bettina swears to her love for doing her own makeup before any of her performances.


  1. Vigour of a Vegan


Bettina recently turned vegan and is currently on a 30 day cardio challenge, which includes at least 1-2 hours of cardio every day and vows that this has further strengthened her voice and stamina.


  1. Singing to the Stars


Bettina was invited to perform in front of big celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and politicians such as Vladimir Putin and has worked with superstars of the opera world such as Placido Domingo and Dame Kiri Te Kanawa.

  1. Passion for Fashion


Bettina loves fashion so much and therefore was over the moon to wear top designer Michael Cincos dresses for her performances and video shoots and in fact, she was the main singer at his last fashion show for Fashion Forward in Dubai


  1. The Voice to Reckon With


Bettina’s voice is so loud, that she actually doesn’t need a microphone “Opera singers are trained to use their whole bodies to produce a beautiful and resonant sound, that is loud enough to be heard over a 40 piece orchestra, that’s why it takes several years to master it.”

The soprano singer with a 4 octave range trains every day as she said “ The voice is a gift yet it is  also a muscle and you have to train it every day in order to keep it strong and flexible. At the same time, it is luck to have a gift but it is your hard work that will make you maintain and sustain it.”


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