Beat the rush this travel season with VFS Global

Beat the rush this travel season with VFS Global

Premium visa services to support your travel plans from the #VeryFirstStep


If you are one of the lucky ones heading away on an amazing adventure this spring, you aren’t the only one! An increasing number of UAE residents are travelling thanks to low airfares, third party travel aggregators, better connectivity and convenient visa applications.


Although preparing for a holiday is not without its challenges, VFS Global wants to make sure you get to your destination smoothly with as little stress as possible. Its optional services are designed to suit the evolving requirements of the new-age traveller, and to make the visa application process more convenient, exclusive, personalised, time saving and hassle-free.


Premium & Platinum Lounge: At the Premium Lounge, a trained staff handholds the customer throughout the visa application process, putting them at complete ease. The personalised attention and step-by-step assistance make the Premium Lounge suitable for first time travellers and senior citizens. The service is available across all VFS Global centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Additionally, Platinum Lounge offers convenient chauffeur service to and from the Visa Application Centre, assistance with the completion of the application form and payment.


Visa at Your Doorstep: This technology-enabled service brings the visa application process to the remote locations and hinterlands of the UAE – giving them the luxury of an easy application process. A trained team visits the individual or group at their preferred location to enroll their biometric data and collect their visa application documents.


Prime time Service: Students, working professionals and other individuals who may not be able to visit the Visa Application Center during regular working hours can immensely benefit from the Prime time Service – which allows individuals to apply for their visas without interrupting their schedules.


eVisa on Arrival: This service does away with most documentation such as flight tickets, accommodation details, financial statements and payments before the journey even begins. Furthermore, for urgent visa requirements for Thailand, travellers can avail online the Express eVOA service for quicker processing, and also get a decision within 24 hours at an additional fee.


Self-upload for UK Visa: The new self-upload option for UK visa applications replaces the need to carry every document on the visa application checklist to the centre for submission. UK Visa customers can now visit the Visa Application Centre with just their passport, after having uploaded their supporting documents prior to the appointment, using their smartphone, tablet or other camera/computing device.


Some of the above services are applicable for select countries/embassies only, are optional, and available at an additional fee. For several countries applicants may book these services online before visiting the visa application centre. Check out for more information.




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