10 ways Pink Caravan Ride has Mobilised the Community in the Fight Against Cancer

10 ways Pink Caravan Ride has Mobilised the Community in the Fight Against Cancer

The Friends of Cancer Patients initiative has become the face of the
breast cancer awareness campaign in the UAE

Sharjah, February 18, 2020:The 10th edition of annual 10-day Pink Caravan Ride to raise breast cancer awareness which will start from Sharjah on February 26 and run till March 6, has evolved into a tradition over the past decade. By offering early detection screening tests for breast cancer and spreading awareness about the importance of self-examination amongst the UAE community, it has wrought many positive changes in the way cancer is perceived and treated. Here, we list ten of them:

  • Breast cancer no longer a taboo

Breast cancer, which is the most common form of cancer in women, has always been considered a taboo. People refused to acknowledge it or discuss it. This, however, is not the case today in the UAE. Over the past 10 years, the Pink Caravan Ride has managed to change the community’s perception – especially women – on breast cancer. It has become normal to talk about it, which is a very important part of encouraging people to get screened and tested.


  • Making men aware too

It’s a myth that only women are susceptible to breast cancer and that men are immune to it. Thanks to awareness raised by Pink Caravan, many men have started approaching the convoy as it travels across the emirates to get themselves screened.

So far, 10,000 men have been screened, which can be critical and lifesaving in many cases as there is a 98 percent cure rate of Stage-1 breast cancer.

Thanks to the Pink Caravan Ride’s campaigns, has begun to attract more and more men who not only come for screening but also learn about self-examination.

  • Dispelling myths

Traditionally, breast cancer and its occurrence has been shrouded in myths that have misled people leading to tragic results. The Pink Caravan Ride’s awareness campaigns have contributed vastly to dispelling myths and false rumours about what causes breast cancer, how the disease develops, about breast cancer screening and detection, and how different treatment options affect patients and aftercare.

  • Frequency of examinations

The campaigns have not only changed people’s perceptions about breast cancer, it has also managed to create a mindset where people have realised the importance of getting themselves examined every year. PC holds numerous breast cancer awareness campaigns held throughout the year especially in October.


       5)  Keeping abreast of latest treatments and tests

The Pink Caravan Ride took three years to build the mobile screening unit at a cost of AED 15 million. Its mobile mammography unit is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment and latest technologies to offer breast and cervical cancer tests. The world-class screening equipment and latest technologies in the clinic allows one person to be examined within 15-20 minutes. The unit’s services include PAP Smear testing owing to the fact that cervical cancer is the second leading form of cancer in women in UAE.

Moreover, the equipment is constantly updated to include the latest devices and methods. It introduced genetic testing in 2019 to make breast cancer treatment more effective.


  • Available throughout the year

The services of the Pink Caravan initiative’s permanent mobile medical clinic can be availed by organisations throughout the year by signing up to the Pink Caravan Corporate Wellness Day, which offers the following booking options: awareness lectures, minivan presence, and finally a combination of mobile unit plus an awareness lecture.


  • Helped equip screening centres throughout the country

In order to enable communities across the country to have access to testing facilities for regular check-ups and timely diagnosis, the Pink Caravan initiative has collaborated with and helped local authorities to spread breast cancer awareness and offer early detection services to people across UAE communities.


  • Moral and financial support

The initiative’s responsibility does not stop with helping diagnose cases of cancer. Whenever a person is detected with breast cancer, the initiative ensures that the patient is supported through counselling sessions and free treatment in cases of financial difficulty.


  • Inspiring volunteerism

For the person diagnosed with cancer, friends and family members provide a comforting presence and practical support to deal with the feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, and helplessness that come with it. For people without anybody to fall back on, life can seem very bleak. It is very important to have moral and physical support. Pink Caravan encourages friends of patients and other concerned individuals to volunteer in its activities to bring about positive changes in the lives of the patients, and also bring some meaning into their own lives. This has resulted in volunteers putting over 300000 hours to help cancer patients and survivors through the initiative.


        10) Spread hope in the community             

Through the 10 years of its existence, the Pink Caravan Ride has been spreading love, hope, and warmth to cancer patients and their families in communities across the country. Through its activities, it has been able to send the message that there is always life after cancer and that fear should not stop anyone from getting examined and treated.

With all its achievements, the Pink Caravan’s mission has grown to encompass many different aspects of fighting the scourge of cancer. It lobbies for the creation of a National Cancer Registry for UAE, and advocates public and private medical bodies to improve the standard of breast cancer screening and treatment within the UAE. With this year’s slogan “Plenty is Not Enough”, PC will continue its unrelenting fight to save lives, celebrate survivors’ victories and strive for a world without cancer.


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