Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Lynor Jewelry are celebrating International Women’s Day with their new Diamond Sunshine Collection

2020 is an exciting time for Women in the UAE and Lynor Jewelry are here for the duration.  As females take large strides in business, achieve milestones in political spheres and continue to break boundaries of expectations, Lynor Jewelry aim to provide pieces that carry symbols of empowerment, positivity and individuality for the everyday woman, as well as provide them with some extra sparkle.

As an exciting and affordable fine jewelry brand, Lynor Jewelry are proud to present their Diamond Sunshine collection in celebration international women’s day. Embedded in each piece of this beautiful collection is a diamond set in 18k gold. Each piece is designed with the modern woman in mind and is crafted to be a beacon of happiness and hope as they enhance outfits for all occasions. Founder, Edward Kandaleft designs each piece to be a symbol of distinctiveness that will give the women who wear them a boost of confidence.

“My customer is the everyday woman who loves to finish her outfit with the simple but beautiful accessories. From the mothers to the young career girls, Lynor is perfect to empower the confident, modern woman from every culture and background. During the day while she is hard at work, she looks down at her diamond bracelet, or holds her necklace and is reminded of the message of hope and positivity” – Edward Kandaleft.

As an online retailer who crafts all of their products in the UAE. Their priority is to ensure sustainable production with high-quality materials, including gold, diamonds, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones. This is a brand that serves to be carefree yet purposeful, laid-back yet elegant, timeless yet meaningful and best of all, will daintily compliment any outfit for everyday occasions.

See below some of the dazzling pieces from the Diamond collection that could be the perfect gift to celebrate women’s day:

Sunshine Diamond Ring

AED 800


For those that like to stand out with their choice of ring, this beautiful piece has a diamond set in the gold symbol of the sun. The individuality of this ring remains delicately beautiful yet stands out vibrantly.

 Sunshine Diamond Necklace

AED 920


Lynor know more than anyone that ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’. This sunshine necklace will carry a statement of happiness to the women who wear it due to it’s beautiful diamond that is set within the 18k gold.


Sunshine Diamond Bracelet

From AED 740


This beautiful bracelet is a decorative piece that will reflect the rays of sunlight to gleam on the arm of the women in your life.



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