The Yas Marina Circuit-Daman event celebrates its 10th year


The Yas Marina Circuit-Daman event celebrates its 10th year

Profield athlete Faris Al Zaabi says the UAE is establishing itself as an important triathlon destination

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE February 16, 2020: Competitors wishing to take part in the 2020 Daman Challenge TriYAS must register now in order to avoid missing out on being involved in Abu Dhabi’s favourite community sporting event, one which brings together participants of all abilities.

The 10th edition of Daman Challenge TriYAS takes place at the iconic Yas Marina Circuit on Friday 21st February, giving athletes of all ages – from children to experienced competitors – the chance to embark on a huge personal challenge by navigating an event which involves three contrasting disciplines – swimming, cycling and running.

Once again, this year’s event will feature a Profield, made up of athletes with plenty of triathlon experience, including at Daman Challenge TriYAS.

Faris Al Zaabi is a member of the UAE National Triathlon Team and has performed at TriYAS three times previously: “I’ve been full-time since 2018 but I started in 2016 like any beginner,” he explains. “A friend suggested doing a triathlon in Dubai so I did, and finished third in my age group.

“TriYAS is a great stepping stone for anyone who wants to get into triathlons. People come to Yas Marina Circuit and train on Sundays and Tuesdays, and the venue has done a great job in getting the community active, that’s the biggest thing I’ve seen since getting involved. I started in 2016 and it’s so rewarding to see a community which is so vibrant and active.

“I think the most exciting thing year on year is racing on an F1 circuit because it’s fast and technical. Triathlon is like a human-powered F1 race. You’re swimming, then cycling and running on an F1 circuit so that in itself is a privilege.

“I started TriYas in the sprint distance and built my way up to the Olympic Distance.”

Al Zaabi is one of many Profield athletes who train locally, but there are also competitors coming in especially for the Daman Challenge TriYAS from further afield, including Reudi Wild, a Swiss athlete who took part in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Al Zaabi believes that the UAE is slowly establishing itself as an important triathlon destination.

“From my experience, a lot of people are training in Europe, in places such as Spain and France, and I think ahead of the ITU 2022 Grand Final, which will be hosted in Abu Dhabi, this is a great way of inviting people from all walks of life, all over the world, to come and start their pre-season in the UAE,” he explains.

“It’s a great place to train. I’ve even invited my own team-mates from Spain to train here and it really raises the level of the sport. The UAE is a pit-stop for some of the world’s best triathletes because we have everything they need – it’s the place to be at the moment.”

Regardless of whether you’re competing in your first triathlon or aiming to improve on your time from a previous year, Daman Challenge TriYAS is a fun, exciting and challenging event which is inclusive and open to all – the perfect way to spend a day with family, friends and colleagues.

This year’s event includes both Sprint and Olympic categories for the more experienced adult athletes, as well as three separate events (under 14, under 12 and under 10) for children. For the first time, there will also be an Open Water Swim, where athletes will go head-to-head over 300km in Yas Marina, a grueling challenge in which bodies will be tested to their limits.

With less than one week to go, now is the last opportunity for those wishing to compete in the Team Relay events, either in the Sprint or Olympic distances, to choose your team for the big event, which you can do by visiting the Yas Marina Circuit Facebook page.

The event, which gives athletes a chance to achieve their fitness goals, is open to all members of the community, with shorter courses aimed at encouraging first-timers and younger participants to take part.

Register for the 10th Edition of Daman Challenge TriYAS now at


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