Pioneered by an Emirati, UAE brand, Dubai Energy Drink, participates in Gulfood 2020

 Pioneered by an Emirati, UAE brand, Dubai Energy Drink, participates in Gulfood 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18 February 2020: Dubai Energy Drink recently participates in the 25th Anniversary of Gulfood 2020, the largest and longest running food & beverage tradeshow in the world.

Phase 1 of the brand’s strategy included launching the product in the hospitality sector. For phase 2, Dubai Energy Drink will go to retail in the second quarter of 2020.


From left to right: Mohamad Awada, Mohamad AlMazrouei Chairman,Tariq Khalid, Managing Director



Chairman, Mohammed Al Mazrouei, states: “The introduction of excise tax has imposed challenges in the local energy drink category. However, we see this as a golden opportunity to infiltrate the energy drink market as our product allows for an agile pricing strategy to compete on a global scale.”


With global ambitions, Dubai Energy Drink is leveraging the ability to be manufactured in the UAE in order to create a product that adheres to the highest standards of quality and food engineering.


The energy drink market in the region is dynamic and remains prevalent among younger audiences. In fact, a study conducted by Sharjah Women’s College, Health & Sciences Department, found that 85.1% of Emirati students consumed energy drinks.


In addition to their original product, the brand has introduced the world’s first sugar-free version that replaces artificial sugars with Stevia, a natural, plant-based sweetener that contains zero calories.



It was the brand’s first time participating in Gulfood 2020, which attracted over 100,000 visitors and 5,000 exhibitors from around the world. The five-day exhibition is an important forum for leaders in the food and beverage sector, providing Dubai Energy Drink with the opportunity to open new doors to global markets and potentially increase return on investments.


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About Dubai Energy Drink:


Dubai Energy Drink was founded by Mohammed Al Mazrouei in 2018. As chairman of Dubai Energy Drink, he envisioned creating a unique beverage that proudly reflected the spirit of Dubai.


Inspired by the high-energy and past-faced city, the brand’s passion is to deliver a product that fits the vision of the city and its people. As part of their offering, the brand has created a sugar-free version of their product with no high sugars or artificial sweeteners, which is sweetened with zero-calorie, all-natural ingredient, Stevia. Enriched with B vitamins, Dubai Energy Drink’s products are created to boost mental and physical stamina while delivering great taste and providing the perfect blend to help you switch to “mode on”.


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