Charming new additions to Al Qasba boost its family-friendly appeal

Charming new additions to Al Qasba boost its family-friendly appeal

 Array of new restaurants, cafés and sports & edutainment centres will add to visitor experiences

 Sharjah, 16 February, 2020

Al Qasba – Sharjah’s leisure destination for families and tourists, has announced the launch of new restaurants and cafés, as well as educational and sports centres. Additionally, many existing facilities at the destination have been expanded and upgraded.


These new attractions representing popular international brands have been introduced to better cater to the diverse recreational needs of Al Qasba’s target audience, which expands across all age groups of people. The step further consolidates Al Qasba’s position as Sharjah’s go-to outdoor destination for students, professionals and families.


Among new coffee shops opened is “Hoof Café”, adjacent to the Sharjah Investors Services Centre (Saeed) office, which has been recently launched to offer investors and businesses with an interest in establishing themselves in Sharjah the full gamut of facilitation services under one roof. Hoof Café will be serving quality coffee and other refreshments, and has been launched by Saeed.


The culinary scene at Al Qasba has become more vibrant with the opening of new restaurants. “Al Tabaq Al Hijazi Al Aseel” restaurant specialises in cuisine from the Hejaz region in western Saudi Arabia. “Pizza Inn” is another new spot for pizza lovers in Sharjah and the UAE to try. An existing restaurant, Rossovivo Artisan Pizza, has been renamed “Mangiare”.


New options have been introduced in the field of education and sports too. A STEMA centre, approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), has opened and now available at Al Qasba. It will offer programmes designed to enhance 21st Century skills in people of all age groups. The Sharjah International Marine Sports Club is a new sporting attraction at the destination, which will be rolling out various marine sports training programmes with a focus on youth empowerment and support.


Al Qasba’s outdoor Kids Fun Zone ‘Fantasia’ has added brand new attractions and games to fulfil children’s needs, plans are underway to build a new play zone on the other side of Al Qasba, next to Block A, to offer better accessibility to young visitors more space to play.


The popular Kids Fun House has reopened after extensive upgradation works. New attractions, built to meet the highest international standards, in terms of safety, quality and design, are designed for children aged 2 – 8 years (less than 140cm tall) to bring them exceptional fun-filled experiences.


Khuloud Salim Al Junaibi, General Manager of Al Qasba, said: “Al Qasba has always been committed to cater to every need of our diverse age group of tourists and resident visitors. As we welcome the new year, our guests will have the option to choose from a wider selection of quality offerings in leisure, F&B and learning by these new facilities that have been introduced to the destination. We have made sure that the new attractions are all family-friendly and enable visitors across age groups to cultivate their hobbies, invest in their educational development, receive sports training, enjoy an array of F&B offerings from the region and around the world, and also partake in all the recreational activities and cultural festivals we organise throughout the year.”




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