Run and Win With ASICS

Run and Win With ASICS

On January 18th 2020, ASICS, in partnership with Sun & Sand Sports, will be launching a new, first of its kind running challenge aimed to celebrate all runners in the UAE, no matter their fitness level or distance achieved!

Whatever your running journey, ASICS and Sun & Sand Sports are committed to supporting every runner to make it across the finish line, whether you are a beginner or a running master.

The Run & Win competition has been created to celebrate and reward every runner and their progress, ensuring everyone can experience the thrill of running.  So, lace up your running shoes and join us for this exciting Running Challenge!

The challenge uses the simple mechanism of ‘points mean prizes’ to help motivate runners throughout the five month challenge. And in order to support every runner, ASICS have provided specialized training programs, created by  professional  running experts. All you need to do is sign up for free at and select the right training plan for you. Training plans are divided into four categories;  a 10k beginners plan for those looking to reach the 10k goal for the first time or after a break from running, a 10k plan for those looking to improve on their time and two plans for beginners and seasoned runners looking to focus on the  marathon distance.

Once you’ve signed up to be part of the challenge it’s time to get into action, put on your running shoes, achieve your goals, earn points and win prizes. Every kilometer you run and log gives you points which can be exchanged for prizes throughout the challenge to keep you motivated at every step. There will be more than 1,000 prizes up for grabs with 24 major prizes awarded to those who meet and surpass their goals.

Points can also be achieved through other activations such as visiting select Sun & Sand Sports stores for an expert fitting for a new pair of Asics running shoes, and attending special events throughout the challenge.

The overall winner in each of the running categories will be given a spot at the London 10K run or Moscow Marathon, two of the most coverted running races across the globe, all expenses paid. ASICS running apparel, shoes and accessories will be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place winners as well.

Being part of the ASCIS Run and Win Challenge also means you will become part of a motivating and likeminded community. A place where you can invite friends, take part in Q&A sessions, as well as access exclusive tips and advice from leading runners around the world and the FrontRunners Dubai team, an exclusive group of running experts who will be locally available to support your running journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your running shoes and join ASICS and Sun & Sand Sports for this amazing, completely free challenge that will see you achieveing running goals you never thought would be possible!

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