Preparing the regions’ workforce for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Preparing the regions’ workforce for the 4th Industrial Revolution

 Leading HR & IT leaders to meet at the HR TECH MENA Summit scheduled to take place in Dubai, UAE on April 15-16, 2020


27th January 2020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: In the past decade, industries have transformed tremendously where leaders are now dealing with unprecedented change while working towards an impactful future. With the HR technology industry growing by at least $10 billion by 2025, it has become rather important to address the challenges alongside introducing strategies that will make the transition smoother and simpler.

For six consecutive years, The HR TECH MENA Summit has been a game changer in revolutionizing the way the region looks at the future of work and HR TECH, the summit has served as a platform on how organizations can incorporate these innovations strategically to attract the right talent, increase efficiencies, and improve the bottom line.

Saturated with ever-increasing amount of data and robust and affordable computing technologies, artificial intelligence is branching out into more and more diverse industries and processes. With UAE leading in terms of

AI adoption and readiness in the region, the HR TECH MENA Summit will feature a focused stream on AI in HR that will focus on how AI can uniquely assist HR professionals’ while keeping the human element in HR intact where technology is the enabler

The World Economic Forums Capital Index highlights the human capital potential of an economy and to the extent to which it can be optimized through education, development and technology. It is forecasted that the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) captures more than 60% of its complete human capital potential and is set to rise drastically in the coming years. The study further delves in the three common characteristics that best describe MENA’s labour markets which are – the increasing levels of women in the HR workforce, decreasing shares of public sector employment and the increased usage of tech-tools in SMEs and MNCs.

Putting some of these powerful technological shifts into perspective, the 6th Annual HR TECH MENA Summit will ensure that HR departments across the government and corporate landscape in the region can develop the most efficient ways of utilization of resources through increasing reliance on technology

Hosted under the theme of ‘Rethinking HR for the future of work’, The 2-day exclusive closed-door event will bring together top HR experts, IT leaders, HR solution providers along with leading technology innovators under one roof to discuss the latest HR-tech trends, strategies, disruptions and challenges. The summit offers a unique platform to both the public sector and private sector organizations to further gauge the kind of changes that are taking place in the industry making their transition to digitization simpler!

With governments in the region implementing strategic initiatives to prepare the workforce for the future of work, an event as such serves as a platform for closing gaps and getting the industry close while preparing the executives to be leaders of digital transformation. This exclusive summit will feature a conference main stage on Day 1 and three parallel streams on Day 2 focusing on Learning & Development TECH, Employee Experience & Well Being  host discussions on an array of topics including – upskilling employees to boost HR Tech, Decoding AI for HR, tools that can change the recruitment tech game, best practices that will successfully transform the HR sector, and how companies can tackle issues that are pertaining to next-generation talent analytics to name a few.


Sidh N.C, Director, QNA International commented “This summit is undoubtedly one of the biggest platforms for HR Tech and the future of work in the region that re-defines  the overall combination of HR and technology. The summit has evolved to be a powerhouse that brings together international leaders and experts making it an ideal platform for any organization in the region to thrive, grow, learn, innovate their HR TECH implementation strategy and elaborate on its impact in gearing up the regional workforce for the future of work”

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