International Lego Exhibition ‘Travelling Bricks’ at Al Majaz Waterfront from January 20

International Lego Exhibition ‘Travelling Bricks’  at Al Majaz Waterfront from January 20


  • Ticketed event will be held near Al Rawi Café until March 1
  • Created by internationally famous Ryan Mcnaught ‘The Brickman’ and his team
  • Exhibition features 88 creations made of around one million Lego bricks
  • Engaging workshops for students of all age groups


Sharjah, January 15, 2020:The Al Majaz Waterfront, one of Sharjah’s tourist, leisure and family destinations, will be organising ‘Travelling Bricks’, a one-of-its-kind exhibition of 88 models created using around a million Lego bricks, from January 20 to March 1, 2020, every day from 04:00 pm until 10:00 pm.


The exhibition is the work of Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught and his team, who use Lego bricks to create award-winning sculptures, historical dioramas, architectural and engineering models, as well as mosaics. McNaugh is the only Lego certified professional in the southern hemisphere.


To be held near Al Rawi Café, the exhibition will feature 88 of Ryan Mcnaught’s huge Lego creations including the biggest Star Wars Lego build, a model Airbus A380, a quarter-scale Ferrari and the world’s largest Lego flower.


Lego enthusiasts and fans of Ryan’s awe-inspiring works will have the opportunity to build their own Lego creations. Visitors will also be able to enjoy an interactive, hands-on experience, while learning about each individual model through their unique behind-the-scenes stories.


Marwa Obaid Al Shamsi, General Manager of Al Majaz Waterfront, said: “The Al Majaz Waterfront is keen to organise and host local and international events that offer visitors the opportunity to experience cultures and arts from around the world. ‘Travelling Bricks’ is the first such international exhibition the destination will be hosting this year for the entire family. Visitors can also take part in a series of workshops and learn about the methods and techniques of making Lego sculptures.”


Specialised workshops for school students


The exhibition will also feature age-appropriate workshops for schools throughout the period, three days a week.


The ‘Robotics’ for Juniors workshop will target students aged 7 – 9 years. It will offer them an introduction to the world of robotics by teaching them to build a robot with Lego bricks and programme it. Participants will be allowed to demonstrate their creations as well.


The Robotics workshop for students aged 10 years and above, will introduce participants to basic robotics programming skills. They will be taught to navigate a maze with their Lego robots.


In the ‘Coding’ workshop, students will learn how to code a ‘Microbit’. They will be taught to code a wearable gadget that counts physical activity and exhibits the results through an animation display.


The ‘Drones Piloting’ workshop, designed for student aged 12+ years, will enable the participants to explore the world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UVA) and the concepts of aerodynamics through Lego models, utilising the ‘Blockly Interface Programming’ language. They will learn about piloting and programming the drones while competing in exciting challenges.


McNaught and his team have built some of the world’s largest and most detailed Lego models. They have organised four touring exhibitions and built hundreds of models for Lego offices, museums, galleries and shopping locations around the world. The Brickman team have also won many prestigious awards for their works.


The travelling event which was previously exhibited in the US will move to Italy from Sharjah.




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