Celebrate The Chinese New Year with Forrey & Galland’s Exquisite Collections

Celebrate The Chinese New Year with Forrey & Galland’s Exquisite Collections

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 15th January 2020:

While we are still reeling in from the post-countdown festivities of — what we like to call — the last decade, another string of celebrations is coming our way this month. A breather? Not just yet, as with Chinese New Year, there are bountiful experiences that await!

Handmade with the finest French chocolate and blended with the freshest ingredients from around the globe, Forrey & Galland, the French haute-couture chocolatier is all set to bring the sweetness of Chinese tradition this year with its special Chinese New Year collection. It will be available at their Dubai Mall, Riyadh boutique, as well as online from 9th January 2020.

Expansive and illustrative by way of patterns, the range is fashioned in auspicious hues of red and gold to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The patchwork details Koi Fish to resemble strength, ambition, good luck; Plum Blossom the perseverance nobility and Lantern to symbolise wishes for a bright future.

“Our Chinese New Year collection is designed in the traditional colours with illustrative patchworks. With this collection, we aimed to merge flavours and traditions in an exclusive collection carefully crafted for the chocolate connoisseurs,” said Isabelle Jaouen, Founder & CEO of Forrey & Galland.

Available in three different options, from Chinese New Year Gift Hamper, to Top and bottom Chinese New Year Box, to Chinese New Year Date Box, find your perfect collection and surprise your loved ones with the richness of French chocolate.

Visit our boutique to experience Chinese New Year infused with the luxury of Parisian tradition and the richness of signature local and international flavours and ingredients.

Find out more and shop online on https://forreyandgalland.com/product-category/chinese-new-year/


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