Make Sharing Your New Year’s Resolution with Aya

Make Sharing Your New Year’s Resolution with Aya

Dubai UAE, January 2020: Nothing brings friends and family closer than a table spread full of goodness that everyone can pass around, share and taste together.

Make 2020 the year that all loved ones enjoy delicious dishes at the table with Aya’s stunning explosive sharing menu that will leave you feeling pleasantly full and grateful for those around you. Chef Izu’s creative assortment of Asian fusion food are a centerpiece in themselves, to be placed in the middle of the table for all to devour and relish in the moment without a guilty gym journey being a topic of discussion soon after.

After an indulgent festive period, enjoy light sharing plates that satisfy your taste buds with Japanese inspired flavors. Chef Izu prides himself on ensuring his ingredients are fresh and organic, with the finest quality that is certainly healthy so you won’t be breaking any New Year’s resolutions. Aya’s unique cuisine crossroads, boasts menu sharing dishes such as a selection of mouth-watering mezze plates, from burnt tomato Panzanella to Kunafa wrapped prawns. Chef Izu’s signature delicious buns are the talk of the town, filled with braised short rib or exquisite rock shrimp po-boy. If that doesn’t do it for you, try Aya’s superb Josperyaki topped with fresh and juicy tiger prawns or smoked lobster that has been organically sourced.

Whether you have made New Year’s resolutions or just want to dedicate more time to yourself and your friends, Aya will be your haven for delicious food, sharing dishes, electric atmosphere and the place where you can relax and be dined upon with all special requests being looked after.

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