Children of determination introduced to boxing

Children of determination introduced to boxing at Warehouse Gym in a first-of-its-kind initiative

Celebrity boxers, speakers and influencers come together to launch “Boxing with Determination”

A collaboration between Warehouse Gym and Rise Events, the initiative is first in the series to provide special needs children a forum to make friends, interact and test their abilities in different fields


Event featured one-on-one Boxing sessions for children by the experts


January 5, 2020; Dubai, UAE:  With the aim to help children of determination integrate comfortably within the society, national and international celebrities converged at the launch of UAE’s first-of-its-kind initiative, “Boxing with Determination”. The event, designed to introduce special needs children to boxing, highlighted the importance of sports in building motor skills and confidence while creating inclusive spaces and opportunities. The launch is first of the series of activities where children and young people of determination can make friends, interact or even test their abilities in different fields. The initiative will also create forums for the children to showcase a wide range of talents in sports, performing arts and entertainment.


The event was a collaboration between Warehouse Gym, pioneers of boxing in the UAE, and Rise Events, UAE’s first-ever events company to cater to young people of determination.


The star-studded event was led by former world title contender and retired British heavyweight champion Scott Welch who also runs WBC Cares, UK. Other guests included UAE’s first female boxer Fahima Falaknaz, two-times national UAE boxing champions Sultan Alnuaimi and Fahad Al Bloushi, internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and trainer Spencer Lodge and pediatric dentist Dr Yasmin Kottait. Popular influencers Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Al Ameri also attended the event.


Speaking of his experience working with special needs communities in the UK, Special Guest of Honour Mr Scott Welch highlighted the need to create more awareness, adding: “When Warehouse Gym first approached me to work on the initiative, I loved the idea and it’s my pleasure to help the children here. Having been part of WBC Cares in the UK where I’ve taught boxing to many people of determination, I’ve learnt that they’re always willing to push the envelope and reach for the stars. Giving them a platform to test their skills and abilities will only encourage them to find their feet and help them interact smoothly with people around them”.


Professional boxing coach and head boxing coach at Warehouse Gym Shaz Janab added: ‘We’ve been running a successful boxing program with children for years now, training them from young age to teenage and then adulthood. While running through boxing classes at Warehouse Gym, I have seen how boxing massively changes children’s personalities in a positive way such as introverted and bullied children gaining self-confidence, discipline and faith in themselves. We hope other gyms will also open their doors to children of determination”.

Thanking the speakers and Warehouse Gym, Ms Esha Khurshid of Rise Events said: “Inclusion is a key word in the special need’s world. It means to be more accepting, integrated and together as a community despite the differences. We’re very fortunate to be living in a country which offers rights and protection to people of determination and we’re thankful to the UAE government for that. ‘Boxing with Determination’ is in line with His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision to make the UAE a fully inclusive society.


Kevin Texiera, General Manager at Warehouse Gym commented, “We’ve always been avant garde and like to bring new ideas and concepts to promote wellbeing and sports within the society. We are amongst the pioneers of boxing classes in the UAE for the whole family and have conceptualized and brought to fruition classes such as boxfit where we train people to get fighting fit. We started out boxing program with children at the core and in a few years we’ve seen a proliferation of boxing in the UAE which is growing from strength to strength. And now we’re introducing the same love for the sport in children of determination as well”.


With legislations, campaigns and initiatives in place to protect their rights, Dubai is set to becomes the world’s friendliest place for people of determination. The government has introduced several programs to facilitate and promote participation of the people at community level, aiming to provide them with internationally benchmarked support.


Speaking at the Press Conference, Ms Fahima Falaknaz said: “It’s important that young people of determination work towards developing their motor skills, and in this regard, boxing is a great starting point. It helps them to build their focus both mentally and physically, develop their competitive spirit and pushes them to aim for higher goals through the medium of sport. I feel deeply honoured to be part of this initiative by Rise events and wish them all the best as they take it further”.


Reiterating the point, Mr Sultan Alnuaimi added: “The UAE needs more such initiatives and measures to include children of determination in the mainstream society. Once they find an increasing number of spaces where their needs are met, it will certainly help to build their confidence and self-esteem and integrate in the society more naturally and easily”.


The launch further included one-on-one boxing sessions with the children of determination where they were taught the basics and tips and tricks of boxing by the experts.


“We’re all looking forward to the one-on-one session with the children, and hope they enjoy it to the fullest and take it forward,” commented Mr Fahad Al Bloushi, “Boxing is a great platform for children of determination to socially interact and find friends of similar interests, disconnect any negative energy and in turn promote a positive mindset”.


Ms Rahima Amiraly of Rise Events added: “Our objectives are to help young people of determination grow and foster professional, social and cultural networks within the UAE and GCC Region. We’d also like to thank Warehouse Gym for partnering with us on this initiative. In the future we hope to collaborate with several other organizations across several areas of interest to help young people of determination find spaces and opportunities for growth, happiness and fulfilment that they truly deserve”.



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