Sharjah Women’s Sports’ Workshops Focus on Marketing Innovation, and Events Management

Sharjah Women’s Sports’ Workshops Focus on Marketing
Innovation, and Events Management

Six ‘Sports Future Pioneer’ Diploma workshops were held in November and December

Sharjah, January 02, 2019:In pursuance of its mission to empower athletes and develop their leadership skills, Sharjah Women’s Sports (SWS) organised six workshops during November and December as part of the newly launched ‘Sports Future Pioneers’ programme, a first-of-its-kind diploma in the region which aims to enhance the role of sportswomen in shaping and developing the local sports sector.


The first workshop, titled ‘Marketing Strategies of Sports Organisations’, was delivered by Dr. Saad Shibli on November 1 and 2. He discussed various topics including ways to successfully market sports events from regional and international perspectives. It also outlined ways sports organisations could attract corporate sponsorship, and how to take advantage of emotions in the experiential marketing of sports facilities and organisations.


The second workshop, which was held under the title ‘Investment in Sports Field’, delivered by Dr. Saad Shibli on November 2-3, discussed the strategic plans of sports institutions as part of economic and investment projects of sports entities, and ways to activate investment projects and preparing strategic plans to serve their institutions and accomplish their goals.


Coach Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid Bilal delivered the third workshop titled ‘Practices of Creativity and Innovation in the Sports Field’, on November 29 and 30, focusing on the differences between intellectual and artistic creativity and innovative creativity. The coach also discussed the latest trends in creativity and innovation in the sports sector, and how to develop the quick-thinking skills of creative and innovative athletes.


Between December 7-8, the fourth workshop titled ‘Usage of Sports Technologies’, presented by Mansour Abdul Hameed, discussed ways to employ smart technologies, and the roles played by advanced equipment in sports field, in addition to discussing best practises of technology in women’s sports.


Themed ‘Organising and Managing Sporting Events’, the fifth workshop, conducted by coach Natalia Benikene on December 12 and 13, discussed the process and requirements to host and manage sporting events and the challenges they present to sports organisations. The workshop also showcased effective ways to organise successful sporting events in line with sustainable development principles.


The sixth workshop which was held between December 20-21, titled ‘Finance management in sports institutions’, and presented by Ahmad Ali Al Nuaimi, highlighted the skills needed to prepare plans and strategic financial budgeting. It also highlighted the foundations of financial planning and strategic management, in addition to introducing performance measurement indicators and their role In rationalizing expenditures, increasing revenue, among other topics.


The workshops engaged the participants, including athletes and coaches, in a series of informative discussions and research and analysis activities, as well as case studies and debates. This approach ensured that the information was delivered effectively and smoothly.


Nada Askar Al Naqbi, Director of SWS, said: “This diploma reflects our vision to build a new generation of sportswomen, invest in their creativity and provide them with the knowledge and experience of international best practices. Our aim is to empower the sportswomen emerging out of this programme to take the lead in the development of the women’s sports sector, locally and regionally.”


She added: “Building on the momentum created by the previous six workshops, these workshops have aided in ably supporting our efforts to enhance the knowledge and experience of our members. They also served to educate them on key issues and standards and how to invest in their potential to advance the sports sector.”


The SWS’s ‘Sports Future Pioneer’ Diploma is the outcome of a partnership with the Sharjah Sports Council and aligns with the UAE National Agenda 2021. It is aimed at creating a new generation of women leaders in sports and providing female athletes with the knowledge and skills to represent their peers and meet their sports needs and aspirations. The diploma also seeks to support social development through sports, expand the capabilities of young sportswomen and enhance cooperation with international sports organisations.


Upon completion of the programme, participants will receive UK-accredited professional diplomas, along with special benefits such as priority preference for leadership positions in sports organisations, and access to international best practices in this field.




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