Sharjah Girl Guides build self-confidence braving the wild

Sharjah Girl Guides build self-confidence braving the wild

Group of 100 young members explore the natural world at winter camp

Sharjah, 2 January, 2020:As the weather in the UAE gets better for being outdoors every day, 100 participants from brownies (7-11 years) Guides (12 – 15 years) and Senior Guides (16–18 years) of the Sharjah Girl Guides (SGG) summoned their spirit of adventure and learning on an exciting winter camp titled ‘Under the moonlight’, organised with the aim of getting the girls better accustomed to the unknown and mysterious natural world.


Focused on educating the young participants about local wildlife and the know-how of camping, SGG’s larger objective was to enable them to better understand and appreciate their surroundings, build individual and social skills being involved in a variety of adventures, as well as learn team spirit taking up group activities like cooking.


While the Brownies had their winter camp at the SGG headquarters, the Senior Guides enjoyed a multitude of novel experiences like kayaking, camping and hiking in Al Ain, including a safari trip at Al Ain Zoo. Both groups also participated in several team building activities.


The Senior Guides were tested on strength of character and better understood responsibility, ultimately finishing camp with a stronger sense of independence and self-belief. All successful participants were awarded the SGG ‘Guiding World’ badge.


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