‘The world’s greatest dancers’ Washington Post

Dubai Opera 3-4 January 2020:Every Dance performed by Sukhishvili National Ballet tells us a story about peace and struggle, love and passion, life and death, proud nation, fierce and beautiful people, majestic mountains and vine-clad valleys, endowed with natural wonder and rich cultural heritage.

Every Dancer of Sukhishvili National Ballet is a great storyteller. Movement is the ultimate language. No words are needed, no explanation, only movements, passion and emotional expression. To see them perform on stage is breath-taking.

Founded in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, the Company rapidly gained a reputation that spread far beyond the borders of Georgia itself, while retaining the essential spirit of its homeland.

Over the course of the last 75 years, the Company has performed in the world’s most famed concert halls and venues. With an exuberant mix of folk-inspired traditional dance, graceful balletic pieces, and thrilling acrobatics, today the Company is as dynamic and thrilling as it has ever been.

Now, the very first time in the Company’s history, Sukhishvili is coming to Dubai.

Fantastic! Invigorating! Electrifying!

The New York Times

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