Ghawali Create Your Own Scent

We believe in the heritage of precious scents,
We believe in the language of scent expression,
We believe in the artistry of scent combinations,
We believe in fostering the uniqueness of the individual:
We are the Scent Aura Creators.”

The luxurious fragrant experience that is Ghawali invites you to Create Your Own Scent, fusing heritage with individuality, cocooned in an aura of luxury. Your personal scent is truly your signature and unique imprint, so Ghawali encourages customers to reflect their memories, personality and who they are into their own fragrance identities. With the guidance of our highly specialized fragrance team, a juice truly customized to your persona will come to life.

To inspire the freedom of olfactory expression, ambassadors Sara Al Madani, Ali Mostafa and Hatem Akeel will lead by example, featuring in a promotional campaign that exposes their own stories of their Ghalia, tying together fragrance, memory and individuality.

Aromatic innovators and beautistas alike will be able to partake in Create Your Own Scent all around the year, with three immersive approaches to olfactory personalization. The three paths to creating your own scent are as follows…

The Fully Personalized Concept is an option where one is truly the perfumer. The experience allows for a full engineering of fragrant expression, taking customers on a journey from Base Notes to Heart Notes to Top Notes. The result will be a truly unique blend that exists only to be emanated by the creator. The title of this fragrance will naturally also be after its owner, for a fully authentic representation of exclusivity.

The Semi-Personalized Concept is not for the faint of nose either. Facilitating the process, this alternative provides an option of 5 pre-set bases to commence the journey of scent creation: Woody, Oriental, Floral, Gourmand, and Fresh. Once the olfactive family has been selected, the freedom of self-expression lies in the selection of Top and Heart Notes. True to the experience, the creator will have a scent named after them as well.

For those spontaneous enough to be taken on an exploration of the world of scent with Ghawali as your guide, there will also be collections that reflect new combinations to keep you on trend from an olfactory perspective. These up-to-date collections will be released on a bi-annual basis, ensuring a new chic fashionable fragrance is always a Ghawali away.

Not only will the content of the Create Your Own Scent be a uniquely customized product, but the possibility of personalization transcends to the packaging itself. From 10 shades of faux leather labels to a plethora of engraving options to an assortment of wrapping to choose from, customers will walk away with a one-of-a-kind product.

Ghawali is a Luxury Modern Oriental Fragrance brand.
Launched in 2016 as an homage to heritage and the significance of fragrance layering for the region; the concept is luxury, modern and rooted.
Ghawali provides a holistic assortment of luxury scented products that can be combined and crafted by our guests, to create their unique fragrance identity.
Ghawali creates a memorable experience with a unique approach to personalized service set within a luxurious surrounding, a fragrance expertise and a welcoming Arabian hospitality.

Follow us on our social handles for the latest in Ghawali:
Instagram and Youtube: @ghawaliofficial
Facebook: @ghawalifragrances

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