MASQUE Milano launches in the Middle East

MASQUE Milano launches its line of luxury perfumes in the most selected locations in the Middle East

MASQUE Milano is celebrating the 10th year of one of the most iconic Italian luxury perfumes brand with a Grand Opening in a very limited number of locations.

MASQUE Milano – the niche Italian perfumery brand created by the artistic directors Alessandro Brun and Riccardo Tedeschi – stands out from the crowd of artistic and artisanal perfumery brands for the quality of the creations and the strength of the concept. The brand is based on the Italian heritages of Art, Design and “Musical Opera”. The bottles are a piece of design, and fragrances are organised in Acts, like the Scenes in an Opera. Each fragrance is developed with a different perfumer, so the brand is collaborating with the most promising, relatively unknown young perfumers in the world – Alessandro and Riccardo are recognised for having the ability of spotting rising stars.

During the launch event in Dubai Marina Mall, Alessandro Brun declared: “We are proud to bring our luxury perfumes in one of the most discerning luxury markets in the World. Our exceptional product packaging – a signature of Italian style – and the store personalization are expressing the creators’ passion for art, and convey a sense of Italian elegance and luxury.”

Alessandro was photographed proudly showing a hand made leather trunk, used to carry and display the beautiful perfumes.

Masque Milano is distributed through a carefully selected and extremely limited network of dealers in Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA.

The best sellers in the GCC are Tango created by Cécile Zarokian, Mandala, created by Christian Carbonnel, and Times Square, created by Bruno Jovanovic. (Price range from AED 1,418.00 for Tango and Time Square to AED 1,565.00 for Mandala)


Alessandro Brun is Director of the Master in Global Luxury Goods and Services Management at MIP Politenico di Milano. Riccardo Tedeschi is consultant for important consumer goods groups, with a focus on the retail, beauty and personal luxury goods sectors.

They created the brand Masque Milano in 2010, leveraging their expertise, with the goal of becoming Global Ambassadors of Italian Niche Perfumery. Masque Milano is their brainchild and every fragrance is created with passion and painstaking attention to quality of materials, superior craftsmanship and beautiful design.

Masque Milano fragrances are appreciated by perfume lovers and perfume critics all over the world.


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