‘African Footprint’ comes to Global Village

Experience the passion, energy, and pride of Africa as internationally acclaimed ‘African Footprint’ comes to Global Village

Dubai, UAE, 17 December 2019: Prepare to take an exhilarating journey through Africa’s rich history, culture, and spirit as African Footprint – a globally renowned South African music and dance spectacle – takes the Main Stage at Global Village from now until Tuesday, 31st December.

Praised across the world since its inaugural performance in front of Nelson Mandela and world leaders on Robben Island on the eve of the millennium, African Footprint will captivate Global Village guests with three compelling 29-minute shows every day.

Global Village is already highly regarded for bringing the WOW factor and memorable, world-class entertainment to millions of guests. In addition and in alignment with the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) vision for celebrating diversity and multiculturalism in the Year of Tolerance, Global Village is committed to ensuring an inclusive and diverse festival park environment. International shows like the African Footprint showcase is a demonstration of this commitment.

Shaun Cornell, Director of Entertainment, Global Village, said: “We feel so privileged to be able present this dazzling show as part of the season’s entertainment line-up. African Footprint – a vibrant and eclectic musical phenomenon – is one of the most successful shows of our time and has played to standing ovations across the globe. Richard Loring, the creator and producer of African Footprint felt that Global Village was not only the perfect stage for their UAE debut, but the best place to celebrate their 20th anniversary on New Year’s Eve.

“In this Year of Tolerance, Global Village aims to remain an integral part of the UAE’s social fabric, which is why we strive to thrill our millions of annual guests with international entertainment that celebrates different cultures. Whether our guests are residents or tourists, families or individuals, we are confident that African Footprint will deliver a breath-taking experience for people of all ages and backgrounds.”

The talented cast of 27 dancers, singers and musicians will bring Global Village guests on an exhilarating journey through Africa’s history, culture and spirit. The expertly curated scenes that embrace seven different dance types will wow Global Village guests. Though African Footprint is usually a one-and-a-half hour show, it has been crafted into an intense 30-minute rendition specifically for Global Village guests.

The show is set against large screen images of Africa and features performers with vibrant costumes and props. These include gumboots, tap shoes, sticks, and footballs which all help to express spirit and passion of the South African people. Additionally, the music has been arranged specially for the Global Village show heavily featuring the sound of drums – representing the heartbeat of Africa.

African Footprint is free for Global Village guests and is incorporated in the festival park’s AED 15 ticket. For more information, please visit http://www.globalvillage.com


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