ArchEatable: Architecture and Pâtisserie Fusion with Gaggenau

ArchEatable: Architecture and Pâtisserie Fusion with Gaggenau

The American University in Dubai’s Architecture Department at the SAAD celebrates “archEatable, a journey through architecture and pâtisserie,” for the second year running. ArchEatable is an innovatively unique university course successfully curated by Associate Professor of Architecture Jose A. Carrillo.

ArchEatable is a one-of-a-kind course across the world that explores the limits of teaching Architecture and Gourmet pastry “Haute Pâtisserie”. Through this course, 7 students explore creativity and develop skills that make them more prepared for a professional world where differentiating themselves from others and generating innovative impact is of vital importance.

Gaggenau – the luxury home appliances brand and manufacturer – is excited to power 2019’s course given Gaggenau’s excellence in the design and culinary fields. The fusion of the synergies of Architecture and Gourmet Pastry encourage students to design unique pieces and edible works of art supported in the use of specific software for designers like Rhinoceros, Grasshopper and related plug-ins. The course incorporates novel 3D-printed prototyping, silicone molds and laser cutters into the process to create stunningly unique geometric cakes.

“Innovation and design runs through Gaggenau’s DNA, so we are thrilled to support archEatable, an exciting course that challenges young creative minds,” states Tomas Alonso – CEO of Gaggenau Middle East.

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