Celebrate the Start of 2020 with the LEGO® Architecture Dubai Skyline Set

Celebrate the Start of 2020 with the LEGO® Architecture Dubai Skyline Set

The latest addition to the LEGO® Architecture Skyline Collection features models of some of Dubai’s most iconic buildings and landmarks

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 5 December 2019: In a first-of-its-kind reveal, Dubai’s iconic cityscape is set to be memorialized by the LEGO Group with the launch of the LEGO Architecture: Dubai Skyline. Beginning January 1st, the set inspired by some of Dubai’s most extraordinary landmarks will launch across LEGO Certified Stores and be made available for purchase at select retailers around the world.
This latest addition to the LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection brings together highly detailed models of iconic Dubai buildings and engineered designs. A charming souvenir and design icon for anyone who lives in the city, has visited or dreams of visiting Dubai, the set includes models of Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai Frame, and The Dubai Fountain.
Suitable for both new and returning LEGO architects with a love for this modern city, the Dubai Skyline is a built-to-scale model made up of 740 pieces. The boxset houses a booklet filled with interesting facts about Dubai to help guide new discoveries, as well as a “Dubai” nameplate at the base.

Urszula Bieganska, Head of Marketing, LEGO Middle East & Africa said: “The LEGO Dubai Skyline is one of the most exciting new LEGO products to be introduced to the region to date. For anyone interested in architecture, travel, history or design – this set provides a rewarding building experience. We are delighted to announce its availability in time for what will prove to be a pivotal year for Dubai. We can’t wait to see this new set fill the homes of residents of Dubai and travelers from around the globe.”

Showcasing the intricate and unique designs of each landmark, the LEGO model pays homage to the city by capturing the quintessential feel of Dubai. Standing tallest among the replicas is Burj Khalifa, recognized worldwide as a feat of engineering for its elaborate structure. Designed in the shape of a billowing Arabian dhow sail, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is a reflection of the UAE’s rich heritage and traditions, while the dual skyscrapers comprising Jumeirah Emirates Towers have been commended for their distinctive designs marked by equilateral triangles.

Situated in one of Dubai’s most visited beach destinations, Jumeirah Beach Hotel displays an iconic wave-like design, while the Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system animated with performances set to light and music. Dubai Frame boasts impressive views of old and new Dubai, and tells the story of the city by connecting its past and present while celebrating Dubai’s ambitious plans for future development.

Joining a range of buildable models from LEGO’s Architecture line, the Dubai Skyline is the perfect memento of time spent in the popular UAE emirate. Launched in 2008, LEGO® Architecture brings together models of some of the world’s most iconic man-made sites. Inspired by cherished memories shared with loved ones, the LEGO Group’s Architecture models provide adventure-seekers with the opportunity to recapture moments in time. Featuring distinctive traits reminiscent of Dubai’s most recognizable icons, the one-of-a-kind set is sure to inspire globetrotters, residents, and UAE nationals alike.

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