Artissima Art Gallery and Archiade Atelier at Dubai Design District join for the Year of Tolerance showcasing 33 Artists from 21 Countries

ArtUnity – Artissima Art Gallery and Archiade Atelier at Dubai Design District join for the Year of Tolerance showcasing 33 Artists from 21 Countries. Exhibition happening just few days after Dubai Design Week that will interact whoever will participate to the exhibition a beautiful panoramic seen between Art and Design.

Open ceremony by Mohammad Mejren Bin Mohammad Bin Al Sheikh Mejren, Marco Antonio Santivanez the Consul General of Peru, Dr. Hussain Al Azawi General Consul of the Republic of Iraq, and Emilio Dini Ciacci the General Manager of Archiade Atelier, on 19th November, at 7pm at Archiade Atelier.

‘’ArtUnity’’ is a message of Unity between different Cultures and Nations without ‘’borders’’, said Aurela Cuku that is the Curator and the organizer of the exhibition.

The best of Italian Design Companies United to the International and local artists as:
Pedro Moraza from Spain. Badie Jahjah from Syria. Maco Vargas from Peru. Monica Tambini from Peru. Rocio Valdes from Peru. Majo Rivas Portilla from Holland. Gina Figueroa from Guatemala. Lule Rama Mucaj from Kosovo. Davi Faustino from Brazil. Marcela Goujon from Colombia. Marwan Salameh from Palestine. Bruna Basini from France.

Pellumb Rira from Albania. Mimmo Centonze from Italy. Romelia Elizondo Quiroga from Mexico. Narges Soleimanzadeh from Iran. Khalil Abdulwahid from UAE. Nada Alhashimi from Iraq. Charity Bandason from Zimbabwe. Tatyana Golubeva from Russia. Lucia Filippi from Italy. Alejandra Palos from Mexico.
Marianna Masciolini from Italy. Arjeta Miftari from Kosovo. Abeer Rantissi from Jordan. Gildasio Rodriguez from Brazil. Maria Pia Barberi from Peru. Barro Negro pottery from Mexico. Maria & Jacobo Sanchez from Mexico. Acoma Pueblo Pottery from New Mexico. Lamya Al Awami from UAE. Cesar Plascenia from Mexico. Gladis Decker from Argentina.

With the participation of the Art Critic, Doc. Mariana Turchio.
The exhibition will run until 23rd November 2019.
Sponsored by Intelligence Art & Mohammad Al Marar, Almada Marketing Management and Zain Enterprice.

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