With an element of empowerment, Lama Askari rises to whisper her multi cultural and classic essence in a fast and contemporary world, through her revived Haute Couture nature and promise to emit the beauty of the modern woman’s assertive strength, infectious charm and confident reality.

Lama Askari’s collections include evening Haute Couture, bridal gowns and ready-to-wear capsule collections. In addition, the brand has recently released a capsule collection of modern kaftans that reinforce the designer’s affinity to cater to the culturally savvy global woman.

Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s art and love of orchids, this season’s Haute Couture collection boasts a blend of colors with impeccable detail, from the intricate embroidery work to the delicate placement of stones, as well as the layers and volumes of rich fabric. Alongside, Lama’s personal enchantment with orchids has led her to undergo research on several different types, specifically wild and rare ones, and chose to represent her Autumn/ Winter 2019/ 2020 collection with a few of those flowers, pertaining to O’keeffe’s painterly style.

Lama’s passionate vision of blending the classic with the modern, whilst incorporating cultural notes into her designs, closely resembles O’keeffe’s passion for blending contrasting colors whilst maintaining the flower’s true nature. Thus the dresses were accordingly enriched with hand embroidered beadwork of a various palette of color fusion.
Lama eagerly expresses, “At the core of our brand’s ethos is the desire to challenge the limitations of the traditional-modern fashion divide and to create collections that speak volumes. I am looking forward to launching this collection and to share the vision inspired by fusing the elements from the orchid flower and the paintings of the artist by blending the two details together.”

At a closer look, every piece is enriched with hand embroidered beadwork of a various color palette fusion. “The Sky Blue Sun”, a type of orchid which is naturally blue with hints of mauve, was embroidered in such an integrated manner on the draped silk georgette dress.
“Cattleya”, another beautiful orchid with hints of pink on the voluminous embroidered bridal gown, sensually hand made with layers of delicate Chantilly French lace, and a drizzle of flower petals flowing through the gown, with a central cluster of pink beads, much like the delicate Cattleya.
Complementing layers, intricate details and delicate stones were all used to portray a garden of orchids in one of the main masterpieces of the collection, the black dress, with a countless number of different beads, sequins, crystals and special techniques in order to augment her artistic vision of an enchanting black orchid garden.

Connecting with the delicately enigmatic essence of orchids, alongside appreciating their physical and literal beauty, the designer was able to tap into a similar chemistry as the one Georgia O’keeffe displayed in her orchid art.

These mutual visions circling upon femininity and nature, with an element of timelessness and elegant empowerment, well represent the Lama Askari brand in this Autumn/Winter Collection, and aspire to evoke an attainable modern fantasy for the fashionably classic woman.

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