Emirates Publishers Association marks official debut at CCBF 2019

Emirates Publishers Association marks official debut at CCBF 2019 to facilitate UAE publishers’ entry into global markets

Sharjah, November 20, 2019:The Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) has participated in the 7th edition of the China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair (CCBF) held from November 15-17, 2019, marking its official debut at the only book fair fully dedicated to books and specific contents for children in the Asia Pacific region.

At CCBF 2019, EPA held a series of meetings with leading Chinese publishing houses to explore avenues of cooperation in translation, printing, distribution and copyrights, and identify key opportunities available for Chinese publishers in the UAE’s book market.

EPA sponsored the participation of two UAE publishers at the book fair, to achieve the organisation’s vision of facilitating the entry of UAE publishers into global markets.

Kalimat Group (KG), publisher of over 400 books, held meetings with several publishers from China and the Asia-Pacific region to discuss avenues of cooperation and expansion in these vibrant markets keen on new content.

Dragon Publishing and Distribution marked its debut at CCBF with the launch of four science and science fiction books translated from Chinese into Arabic. These included Saline Soil Rice Experiment: A Success in Dubai, which is based on an experiment by a Chinese research team from Saline-Alkali Tolerant Rice Research and Development Centre, who had successfully grown and harvested saltwater-tolerant rice in the deserts of Dubai. Other translated books launched by Dragon Publishing at CCBF comprised a five-volume science fiction collection, Children’s Space Science Encyclopaedia and Laughing Cat Diary, a bestselling short-story collection that sold 70 million copies across China.

Reiterating EPA’s commitment to helping publishers and the publishing industry to thrive in the UAE as well as establish their global presence, Rashid Al Kous, Executive Director of EPA, said, “We seek to give Emirati publishers access to broader horizons, enabling them to enhance their presence, exchange their expertise with international publishers and further enhance cooperation with renowned publishing institutions. We also aim to promote the consistent growth of the UAE’s book market, and the valuable opportunities it offers to make it a hub for books, creativity and intellectual products in the Middle East and the world.”

Lauding China’s culture and publishing landscape, Al Kous added, “The Chinese publishing and printing industry has a long and fruitful history. China boasts one of the fastest growing children’s book markets in the world, and publishes the largest number of children’s books worldwide, with 40,000 new titles each year.”

Noting that EPA had previously visited the book fair twice, Al Kous reaffirmed that CCBF was a leading platform for global publishers to find potential partners and leverage sales opportunities.
Founded in 2009, the EPA is dedicated to developing the publishing sector and representing the interests of professionals in the UAE and beyond. It promotes UAE’s cultural achievements across the Arab world and globally. It also hosts, organises and takes part in regional and international conferences, exhibitions and book fairs.


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