Al Majaz Waterfront: An Outdoor Haven for Family Fun

Al Majaz Waterfront: An Outdoor Haven for Family Fun

Sharjah, 18 November, 2019:Families in the UAE are always on the lookout for destinations that can cater to children of all age groups so that the entire family can spend some quality time together, which helps in reinforcing family values and serves to strengthen the community’s social fabric.

Sharjah’s Al Majaz Waterfront fulfils that need. It is one of Sharjah’s favourite family destinations, with state-of-the-art recreational facilities that offer a variety of options for all to enjoy in relative privacy. Al Majaz is an outdoor haven in the middle of the city where visitors can get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy their time off with their loved ones by partaking in a host of exciting outdoor activities and interactive events.

Sporty environment
Experts opine that relaxing in calm, natural surroundings such as parks can improve one’s state of mind. Walking outdoors for 20 minutes can reduce stress levels, according to a study conducted by researchers at University of Michigan.

As part of its vision to promote a healthy lifestyle, Al Majaz Waterfront provides a beautifully landscaped 750-metre track surrounded by palm trees – perfect to enjoy outdoor activities such as jogging, yoga, and a variety of children’s games, and also ideal for connecting with friends and enjoy the outdoors especially during the winter season.

Family-friendly dining environment
The destination also offers excellent family-friendly dining options to come together, reconnect, spend quality time and celebrate over memorable meals at any of the 16 local and international restaurants and cafés at Al Majaz Waterfront offering Asian, Turkish, Italian, European and North American cuisines.

Engaging the children
With children’s growing dependence on games and social media, Al Majaz Waterfront offers parents the opportunity to wean them away from their gadgets to connect with nature and people in an open, outdoor environment. Young visitors can play and make the most of their free time in a fun and safe environment at the Mini Splash Park, Play Area, the Alwan Centre, while parents relax and enjoy their time with peace of mind. There will be trampoline and interactive games for children.

Baby care room
Mothers bringing their infants and toddlers to Al Majaz Waterfront are assisted by a fully equipped baby care room that caters to every need the child may have, allowing them a breather to enjoy some ‘me-time’.

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