November, 2019 – Dubai: From panel talks to showcasing sustainable designs at an interactive space to a fashionable cocktail evening at Molecule, The College Of Fashion and Design Dubai added its own twist to the fall edition of Fashion Forward.

Showcasing region’s burgeoning fashion talent, the highly anticipated Fashion Forward is the perfect platform for CFD students, mentors and the industry at large to experience and showcase homegrown talent. Combining tech with fashion with new offerings such as ‘see now, buy now’, this year’s edition of Fashion Forward was the perfect opportunity for CFD to align its values with such a prestigious event.

CFD’s ‘Save the Amazonia’ space showcased the winning designs from the sustainable competition while the ‘Brand Storytelling On Social Media’ talks moderated by Cosmopolitan Middle East editor, Kavita Srinivasan, with panellists Mthayel Al Ali and Kat Lebrasse, shed light on the best practices for individuals and independent brands.

The cocktail reception held at Molecule in D3 was abuzz with industry veterans, social media influencers and up and coming fashion designers from the region.

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