Malabar Gold & Diamonds launches new Diamond Jewellery collection named ‘Opulence’

Malabar Gold & Diamonds launches new Diamond Jewellery collection named ‘Opulence’

Collection is inspired from the ‘brocades’ that has long been synonymous with the epitome of luxury.

Unveiled ‘Opulence’ Diamond Jewellery collection, presents its newest & vibrant jewellery collection from Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Malabar Gold & Diamonds, one among the largest jewellery retailers globally with a strong retail network of over 250 outlets spread across the globe has unveiled ‘Opulence’ diamond jewellery collection, the latest stunning diamond jewellery collection inspired by heirlooms of the world. The collection seeks to revive the beauty of the globally renowned rich handloom, originally for royals, by transforming it into classic yet stylish jewellery.

The newest & vibrant jewellery collection named ‘Opulence’ revives the beauty of classic handlooms for royals. The retro collection’s heart is found in the works of four brocades standing out as unique inspirations – shimmering Banarasi, elegant French, royal Turkish and ornate Chinese Cloud – in classic yet stylish diamond jewellery. The collection has been created using cutting-edge technology that not only adds more sparkle to every single diamond but gives the whole jewellery piece that grand look, making it perfect for special occasions. Every piece in the Opulence collection is curated as a hallmark of intricate craftsmanship and thoughtful design inspired from the luxurious past.

At Malabar Gold & Diamonds, each piece of diamond comes with an IGI/GIA certification and passes through 28 internal quality tests which guarantees that the diamond jewellery purchased is of good quality, correctly sourced and rightly manufactured. They also provide lifetime maintenance and cash buyback guarantee for the jewellery purchased from all their outlets.

The company also offers exquisite and beautiful jewellery as a part of various brands presented at Malabar Gold & Diamonds’ namely Ethnix – Handcrafted Designer Jewellery, Era – Uncut Diamond Jewellery, Mine – Diamonds Unlimited, Divine- Indian Heritage Jewellery, Precia – Gem Jewellery and Starlet – Kids Jewellery

Malabar Gold & Diamonds is the flagship company of Malabar Group, a leading diversified Indian business conglomerate.
Established in 1993 in the Indian state of Kerala, Malabar Gold & Diamonds today has a strong retail network of over 250 outlets spread across 10 countries, 14 wholesale units in addition to offices, design centers and factories spread across India, Middle East, Far East & USA. With an annual turnover of $4.51 billion, the company currently ranks one among the largest jewellery retailers globally.
With 14 cluster manufacturing units in India and GCC – the company currently has 12 jewellery brands to cater to the discerning needs of customers. With headquarters in Kerala and branches across India, Middle East & Far East, Malabar Group is best known for its activities in the field of gold, diamonds, silver and lifestyle articles.
The group also operates MGD – Lifestyle Jewellery, a retail concept offering trendy and light weight jewellery that represents the independent and the modern woman through its designs and collections.
The group, owned by over 4,000 shareholders excels in quality products and services, has more than 12,500 professionals working for its continued success.
Malabar Gold & Diamonds also features an online store providing customers the opportunity to purchase their favorite jewelry any time and on any day from the comfort of their home.

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