Discover true Japanese dining, culture and tradition with new fresh flavours

 ABU DHABI, UAE 11 NOVEMBER 2019: A hidden gem in the heart of Yas Island, Matsu restaurant brings an entirely unique, authentic Japanese flavour, experience and culture to the UAE capital. This season the picturesque venue, located on the first floor at Yas Links, Abu Dhabi with stunning green and mangrove views and a true traditional minimalist essence, presents a new grand menu.

Celebrating Japanese cuisine as art, the new grand menu is curated by blending a creative and innovative approach, with the best of genuine, authentic recipes and flavours. Chef Yuji Abe and Chef Yasu Takemoto collaborate in the kitchen to weave culinary heritage from centuries past into the dishes. The unique, signature offerings are crafted with the finest quality ingredients and customary Japanese cooking techniques.


A concept born from core family values, Takao Matsutani, the founder, takes inspiration from and works closely with his family running the venue. Having been home in the UAE for 25 years, Takao wanted to welcome local Emirati and wider UAE residents to discover real Japanese cuisine and flavours, with an experience that brings a feeling of being in Japan to Abu Dhabi.


The name, ‘Matsu’ means evergreen pine tree in Japanese, a symbol depicting longevity, prosperity and fortune, because of the vital energy it holds to keep the tree green all year round. In Japan, the Matsu image is adopted as a token of luck, a gift exchanged amongst friends, colleagues and neighbours to express goodwill on various occasions and celebrations. The most premium of three traditional special gifts culturally, Matsu is synonymous with the highest level of experience.


The new grand menu comprises a diverse amalgamation of flavours and seasonal ingredients, featuring an array of selections from cold and hot appetizers, Sushi, Nigri, Sashimi, Tempura and the signature Blue Fin Tuna and Japanese Wagyu Menu. Highlighted new dishes include, Matsu Ceviche, assorted seafoods, seaweed chips with yuzu pepper dressing; Matsu Special Salad, a crispy somen, white radish sprouts with fresh garden vegetables with miso dressing; Maguro Zukushi, special sashimi from three cuts of Tuna-Otoro, Chutoro and Akami; Gindara Saikyo Yaki, charred black cod with sweet miso sauce; and Wagyu Hoba Yaki, grilled Wagyu striploin with sweet miso and assorted vegetables.


Those seeking a memorable and bespoke dining experience can choose the Omakase Course, based on the Omakase tradition ‘to entrust’, letting the chef choose your order; the word means “I will leave it to you”.


The beverage menu proudly showcases a variety of sake, fine grapes to perfectly pair with Japanese cuisine, choices of bubbles, and irresistible signature cocktails and mocktails. For the diners seeking an exciting experience, the team also offers a sake and shochu tasting experience.


Guests can expect discreet, yet tastefully minimalist cozy interiors, simply placing the spotlight on cuisine, service and tradition at Matsu. Intricate wooden designs reflect the ambience of an authentic Japanese household, with areas including a sushi counter and private dining available. A beautifully lit open-air terrace invites guests to spend time, enjoying an aperitif, after-dining recap of excellent digestives or simply relax, dine and take in the tranquil, fresh atmosphere, away from city hustle and bustle.


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