SIBF 2019 visitors taste the best of both worlds, traditional & modern Middle Eastern cuisine

SIBF 2019 visitors taste the best of both worlds,
traditional & modern Middle Eastern cuisine

Veteran cook, food blogger and TV personality Zahra Abdalla took over
Sharjah International Book Fair’s cookery corner last night

Sharjah, 7 November 2019

Fresh, wholesome, healthy, rich and aromatic – the Middle Eastern cuisine’s profile has continuously been following an upward trek.

Food blogger Zahra Abdalla of, cooked up a delicious middle eastern storm at the Sharjah International Book Fair. “Food is my artistry, my therapy and my joy. I love to cook, I love to eat food and more importantly I love to feed people. I am called a Feeder”, says the TV personality and food blogger, a brand ambassador and recipe developer”.

Trying to share a little extra about the secrets of her one pot Saffron Chicken with Freekeh and delicious Mango Kunafa Cups, Zahra also shared a bit about her personal life. A few years ago life threw a curveball at her. “I was around 13 weeks pregnant with my third son, when I was diagnosed with the dreaded C-word, but my resilience kept me going and eventually I gave birth. That was also the time when I was going through a low phase as I had to stay away from my children due to my radio therapy post-delivery. My sister at that point suggested that I resume my food blogging as I had stopped it. So that’s when I started pursuing my dream again”.

Finding her feet again over the years, Zahra has collaborated with various non-profit organisations bringing afore her skills as a veteran cook.

Sharing little anecdotes from her life and her love for cooking, Zahra further said, “The blog and now my book which has the same title, is my creative outlet to share new recipes, family stories and my travel adventures because I have had the luxury of calling Khartoum, Riyadh, Athens, Sacramento, London, Windsor, Vancouver, Toronto and Dubai home. I hope my readers enjoy my life and culinary journeys”.

Learning to sculpt with different food items was just one of the key take ways of this workshop. But digging deeper, while thinking about Zahra’s life, progressing undaunted with the thing she loved the most, not only endeared others, but ultimately proved to be soul-soothing for her.

The Sharjah International Book Fair’s (SIBF) culinary corner is introducing appetizing recipes for its visitors every day. Held under the theme, ‘Open Books… Open Minds’, SIBF 2019, runs until November 9 at Sharjah Expo Center.




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