Kids have an explosive time learning science at Sharjah International Book Fair

Kids have an explosive time learning science at
Sharjah International Book Fair

A programme with an innovative pedagogical approach of enhancing student participation


Sharjah, 9 November 2019:Audiences joined the heroes Zing and Zong, a brother and sister team from planet Jaahrgon who crash landed on Earth, as they discovered the science that held the key to saving their threatened civilization.


Bringing a specially curated science show called, “The Kids who Fell to Earth”, at the 38th Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF 2019) were Craig Macfarlane and Nicola Shephard, broadening the horizons of the young minds, as students were delighted to see the actors playing aliens.


Fresh water had disappeared on their planet so they’d travelled across the universe to investigate its composition in order to try and make some for their home. Children watched curiously as the duo performed a few practical experiments with some of the coldest substances around before uncovering the secrets of space travel to make their way back.


On being stranded on planet earth, they even sought help from the UAE space center with a special mention of Hazza Al Mansouri, UAE’s first astronaut to go to space.


Having traveled all the way from Edinburgh in Scotland, it was the troupe’s debut performance at SIBF. Children clapped and cheered as this fun learning session proved to be both creative and energetic. The science show encouraged an interest in children to study and experiment, while adopting an innovative pedagogical approach that enhanced interactivity and student participation.


These programmes are a part of the Sharjah International Book Fair (2019) that runs until November 9 at the Sharjah Expo Center. The 11-day fair features 987 events that consist of book releases, kids’ activities, theatre performances, social media and comic station activities as well as a cookery corner.


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