In a creative exchange, Fabergé presents a limited edition commissioned artistic collaboration with designer Gary James McQueen, who established and nurtured his craft of digital art alongside his late uncle, British designer, Alexander McQueen.

Initially envisaged as a gift for Fabergé’s VIP clients, the result proved so enchanting that a limited edition of 150 scarves were created and are for sale through Fabergé’s website. McQueen has designed a 120x120cm scarf and 42x42cm pocket square, which embody the spirit of everyday objects from pre-revolutionary Russia. Both are 100% silk and handmade in England.

Whilst the brand’s core competencies lie in fine and high jewellery, timepieces and objet d’art, the launch of this small, limited edition of silk scarves and pocket squares is a nod to the company’s history of making everyday objets, which pre-Russian revolution, included fabric-laced items such as fans.


Sarah Fabergé, Peter Carl Fabergé’s great-granddaughter, who oversees special projects for Fabergé, worked closely with Gary James McQueen to create a work of art that reflects Fabergé’s heritage and the creations made today. The result echoes Fabergé’s past while celebrating current collections.

Following Fabergé tradition this scarf is full of little surprises and references, set against Gary James McQueen’s moody black backdrop; we step into a dream like world of Fabergé’s, referencing iconic pieces such as the simple rose gold pendant, the clover and the ladybird. Together, the colourful and vibrant gemstones are dominated by an elaborate gold sculpture, in homage to Peter Carl Fabergé’s early career.

“Fabergé has a rich history and of course it will always be linked to the lives and loves of the Romanov family,” says Sarah Fabergé. “Inviting Gary to explore his interpretation of Fabergé has resulted in wearable art. We named this work Chemin vers Fabergé (Way to Fabergé) because it tells our story, the past and the present”.

The scarf and pocket square will be available to purchase from November 2019 exclusively via faberge.com. Prices start from £450 for the scarf and £85 for the pocket square.

Orders can also be placed via Joanna Kupis, Fabergé CRM Manager or via Faberge.com

Joanna’s details: Joanna.kupis@faberge.com, Tel: +44 (0)207 518 7295, Mob: +44 (0)7808 222 715



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