SIBF 2019 Supernatural Show is one not to be missed!

SIBF 2019 Supernatural Show is one not to be missed!

The high-octane spectacle thrills viewers during on an 8-minute roller coaster journey

 Sharjah, November 1, 2019:Visitors to Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF 2019) literally stepped into a fairytale world, the protagonists of which were hugely talented artists who deployed jaw dropping 3D techniques coupled with unique story telling spectacles.

This 8-minute immersive spectacle follows the tale of a princess embarking on a dangerous journey to save a loved one. Through her thrilling and terrifying trek, she wanders through an old citadel, solely battling vicious characters and negative forces while looking for new horizons to conquer. All this labour to procure a crystal ball that will give her special powers.

Created with latest high definition imagery in the background, the show is an enactment of the triumph of good over evil.

During the high-octane spectacle, one goes through violent cyclones, rocketing debris, mesmerising mountain tops, find themselves in the middle of fight sequences, comes dangerously close to otherworldly powers packed with the young princess’s encounters with malicious enemies and supernatural forces.

The choreography was accentuated by projection mapping techniques, where technology is skillfully used to add to the viewing experience of the audience. This heart-stopping adventure will be up for grabs throughout the book fair.

These shows are a part of the Sharjah International Book Fair (2019) that runs until November 9 at the Expo Center Sharjah. The 11-day fair features 987 events including book releases, kids’ activities, theatre performances, social media and comic station activities, as well live culinary demonstrations by internationally-acclaimed chefs.



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