Dubai provides an environment for turning ideas into reality, says Mona Al Marri

Dubai provides an environment for turning ideas into reality, says Mona Al Marri

The city is bridging communities and business opportunities, says President of INSEAD National Alumni Association UAE

Government of Dubai Media Office- 31 October 2019: Dubai is a place where great minds can transform their ideas into reality, said Director General of the Government of Dubai Media Office Her Excellency Mona Al Marri at the introductory session of the region’s first INSEAD National Alumni Association (NAA) UAE Leadership Forum, which took place in Dubai today.

“Dubai provides talented people the infrastructure, support and stability needed to turn their ideas into reality, she told an audience of regional and business leaders, policy makers, government officials and thought leaders at the Forum. “The Government of Dubai Media Office’s partnership with INSEAD to host this Forum is consistent with our spirit of dialogue and knowledge exchange,” she said.

“Dubai is a place where great minds can transform their ideas into reality. Today, we are gathered here for this precise reason and to be part of this unique spirit of Dubai, a spirit that promotes the sharing of ideas, the exchange of knowledge and the building of relationships.”

She spoke about Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s announcement of the Eight Principles of Governance in January this year, which redefined his vision for Dubai. Among those eight principles, she said, there are two that are particularly relevant to the Forum. Under the principle called ‘A Land for Talent’ Dubai seeks to continually review and renew policies and procedures to ensure the city’s attractiveness to talented individuals and build the best environment in Dubai for the world’s leading minds. Another is the principle focused on creating a business-friendly global hub focused on creating economic opportunities.

Referring to HH Sheikh Mohammed’s statement, he said that the emirate’s prominence, competitiveness and sustainability depends on its ability to continue attracting talented and skilled people and nurturing the brightest minds from around the world so that they can generate ideas and turn them into reality.

She called on both the government and private sector to take this vision to the next level. “I believe this Forum provides a platform to do this. We would like to hear about your experiences and stories and ideas that will keep contributing to the unique story of Dubai,” she said

Organised by the INSEAD National Alumni Association (NAA) in the UAE and the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO), the INSEAD NAA UAE Leadership Forum provided a platform for sharing diverse ideas on promoting sustainable economic growth and creating a brighter future for the region. Speakers at the Forum engaged in a dialogue on vital topics ranging from the economy, society and culture to technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.
Also speaking during the initial session of the Forum, Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD said: “Today, new social, economic and environmental challenges confront us at every turn. Markets and technologies are moving faster than ever before, new risks are emerging in the social and environmental areas and popularism is dictating outcomes in many liberal democracies around the world. INSEAD is positioned to be at the forefront of critically examining these challenges and offering meaningful solutions. And I believe that the world cannot approach this moment without the skills, the talent and the knowledge of business leaders that INSEAD develops and sends into the world.”
Delivering the introductory speech at the Forum, Elias Aad, President of the INSEAD National Alumni Association (NAA) in the UAE said: “12 months from now, we will be hosting the world exhibition in this great city. We cannot but remember that this year is the 130th anniversary of the Tour Eiffel that was built for the Paris 1889 Expo. This is the importance of Expos in progressing nations and human achievements. This city will be welcoming more than 180 nations and 20 million visitors and will be open for everyone, with no exceptions. This is a true reflection of the role that this city and nation are playing by bridging communities and business opportunities.”
“On behalf of the INSEAD Alumni Association in the UAE, I say we are very fortunate and proud to contribute to this story, leveraging our largest and most diverse alumni network in the Middle East, to serve as an engagement and dialogue platform that inspires and drives thought leadership and innovation as a force for good not only for business but also the community as a whole,” he added.
The one-day INSEAD NAA Leadership Forum took a deeper look at the economic and social shifts taking place regionally and globally and explored how countries in the Middle East can ride these waves of change to bring more prosperity to the region.
One of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools, with campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, INSEAD has consistently been ranked among the world’s top three business schools. The INSEAD National Alumni Association in the UAE has the largest and most diverse alumni network in the Middle East.


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