Dr Batra’s Launches World’s First Genetically-Guided Homeopathy now in UAE

Dr Batra’s Launches World’s First Genetically-Guided Homeopathy now in UAE

Treatment for Today, Prevention for Tomorrow

21st October 2019, Dubai, UAE – Having carved a distinct niche for itself globally, in the field of Homeopathy – A German System of natural medicine, Dr Batra’s launches Geno Homeopathy – genetically -guided Homeopathy – for the first time in UAE. It is an innovative and path-breaking gene-targeted homeopathic treatment that is scientific, precise and uniquely planned for individuals of all age groups, including children, that will revolutionize the future of homeopathic healing.

The genes of every person are just as unique as his or her fingerprints or iris. Therefore, Dr Batra’s Geno Homeopathy is designed where no two patients, even having the same medical condition, will be given the same homeopathic treatment. The homeopathic medicines are both natural and effective, based on a patient’s genetic make-up, and are individualised according to the age, health and lifestyle.

The Genetic Test for Dr Batra’s Geno Homeopathy consists of a simple saliva test that can assess the severity of a medical problem even years before the disease appears. The results of which are available for the patient within 3-4 weeks. In general, genetic tests use up to 7 markers. However, Dr Batra’s medical experts in conjunction with specialists in genomics have designed a Genetic Test which includes an extensive list of 15 markers per test. Ailments covered include Hair loss, Psoriaris, Acne, Vitiligo, Skin and Respiratory Allergies, Child Health, Weight Management, Stress, Preventive and Women’s Health. These markers are comprehensive and customised as per individual ailments, and comprise of all related problems to the main condition or complaint including primary and secondary problems. They indicate the gravity of the illness and give an indepth analysis of the condition. The Genetic Test also provides patients with a lifestyle chart that incorporates dietary and exercise programs to compliment the treatment plan.

Dr Batra’s Geno Homeopathy consists of Precise gene-targeting for exact diagnostic evaluation, is Painless and natural, Personalised treatment plans based on unique genetic history of a patient. It Predicts the likelihood of genetic ailments well before symptoms appear and also attempts to Prevents the risk of any hereditary illnesses through timely treatment. Dr Batra’s Geno Homeopathy tests are extremely cost effective and start from AED 1299. And any patient that registers for the Geno Homeopathy treatment will receive the tests free.

Having successfully launched Geno Homeopathy in India in 2018, Dr Batra’s has conducted over 15,000 Geno Homeopathy tests. From the over 1,000,000 patients that have opted for Homeopathic treatment at Dr Batra’s and have seen 91% successful patient outcomes as authenticated by American Quality Assessors, over 500 patients have seen further enhanced treatment outcome from their Geno Homeopathy treatment.

 The results have also indicated:  

  • With most ailments today being lifestyle related, over 45% patients diagnosed with underlying ailments, benefitted purely through diet and nutrition corrections
  • 17% patients identified underlying complications that they were unaware of and received timely intervention that led to better patient outcomes. 
  • It was surprising to know that of those patients tested for hair loss, 74% men and 71% women were prone to diabetes, while 79% men and 74% women were at risk of hypothyroidism. At Dr Batra’s they got treated for both hairloss and diabetes/hypothroidism. 
  • While 84% of women under the age of 30 were diagnosed with Anaemia, it was most surprising to see that 56% of men were also found to have Anaemia. 

Commenting on the launch of Dr Batra’s Geno Homeopathy, Dr. Mukesh Batra, Founder, Dr Batra’s Group of Companies, said, ” At Dr Batra’s, we’ve always been at the forefront of innovation and technology. We believe that both are great enablers of better patient outcomes.  We are happy to introduce Geno Homeopathy in the UAE for the first time so that our patients here may benefit from a technologically advanced treatment through genetics, which is not only personalized and focused but also cost-effective.”

Dr Batra’s has partnered with the GeneStore which provides genetic testing in over 10 countries and has conducted over 500,000 genetic tests worldwide. The GeneStore’s genetic laboritories are based in U.S.A., UAE, Uruguay, India and France.

Commenting on their partnership with Dr Batra’s, Anubhav Anusha, Global Clinical Director & CEO, GeneStore said, “Genetic Coding is the future of medicine. We believe that by 2025, a substantial number of people across the globe will use genetic coding to make health and wellness decisions. Our strategic partnership with Dr Batra’s, the Global leader in Homeopathy has given us through them, an access to 5 countries and more than 100,000 of their patients.” 

Starting 14th October 2019, patients across the UAE can now, target a whole gamut of ailments with this simple Genetic Test that is non-invasive and cost-effective, and is available at all Dr Batra’s Homeopathy Clinics across the UAE including at the Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), Al Nahda – 2, and Abu Dhabi. 

To book your Geno Homeopathy test today, call Toll Free # 800 BATRAS (228727) or Visit: https://www.drbatras.ae/



About Dr Batra’s Homeopathy Clinics: With around 225 clinics across India, UK, UAE, Bahrain and Bangladesh, Dr Batra’s is the largest chain of homoeopathic clinics globally. Dr Batra’s has treated over 1,000,000 patients till date and has a team of over 400 highly trained homoeopathic doctors working across the globe.

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