ACAIA is revolutionizing coffee scales with its ACAIA Pearl S model


ACAIA is revolutionizing coffee scales with its ACAIA Pearl S model – an innovative product designed for home brewers and roasters who take their coffee seriously!

October 20th, 2019; Dubai, UAE: Brewing Gadgets, one of the UAE’s leading distributors of the finest coffee brewing gadgets, organized its second edition of ‘Brewing Conversations’ – a corporate event to discuss the latest developments in the coffee industry.

The event occurred last week in Dubai and addressed interesting changes, challenges and technological advances that have transformed the coffee industry in the region. It was led by Mr. Rex Tseng, President and Co-Founder of ACAIA – the company that has redefined the significance of weighing scales within the specialty coffee industry with unique models that enable the customer to enjoy both the beverage and the brewing process associated with it.

At the event, Mr. Tseng emphasized about the importance of the coffee’s weight v/s volume ratio and how this crucial balance changes the resulting brew. He also spoke about the importance of using a good quality digital scale to get perfect and accurate measures, as well as highlighted some common mistakes coffee professionals can encounter when using ordinary digital scales.

Commenting on the regional coffee industry, Mr. Tseng said: “Specialty brew is taking the regional coffee industry by storm as connoisseurs and growing beverage fans have more options and fewer restrictions when it comes to their favorite cup of coffee. At ACAIA, the focus has always been on using cutting-edge technology to deliver premium quality beverages.”

He also added, “now ACAIA is taking things one step further and revolutionizing the traditional espresso concept with our ACAIA Pearl Coffee Scale that is designed to bring consistency and insight to the coffee brew with its effective brewing modes, real-time flow-rate display and an interactive coffee brewing guide that basically ensures you are in control of how you brew.”

Mr. Tseng went on to comment that, “this product has already garnered a positive reaction from coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike.  The next step is to ride on this evolution – and hence we at ACAIA have joined forces with industry leaders and innovators like Brewing Gadgets to help build an ecosystem of companies that are committed to elevating coffee technology to ensure consumers enjoy, appreciate and keep consuming their favorite beverage perfectly.”

Commenting on the event, Mr. Franklin Carvalho, General Manager of Brewing Gadgets General Trading LLC, said: “According to research conducted by the Allegra World Coffee Portal in September 2018, the UAE emerged as one of the most developed coffee markets in the Middle East with Dubai as a focal point for the region’s coffee innovation.
“Till date, the UAE retains a strong tradition of coffee preparation, but today’s consumers are more aware and are spending more time in sampling various coffee origins and profiles.

He added, “additionally, since the country is known for its diversity and fast-paced lifestyle, making the perfect cup of coffee available whenever and wherever is also crucial. Hence, events like ‘Brewing Conversations’ from Brewing Gadgets play an important role in creating awareness about the simple, yet complex formulae that can transform the overall coffee consumption experience for a coffee drinker.”

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