At the age of 30, we’re in the prime of our lives – both personally and professionally.
But our skin is starting to change… Fine lines, enlarged pores, dullness, uneven skin texture, a lack of bounce and plumpness…
We’re dynamic women; our skin must be dynamic too!
We need it to keep up. And we need a product to make sure it can! L’OCCITANE has a precious solution.

Read on to find out more…

The skin is a living organ that’s constantly renewing itself. A new skin cell is formed (proliferation) in the deepest layer of the epidermis and matures as it moves to the surface of the skin (differentiation). The skin cycle takes an average of 28 days when you’re in your thirties, but over time, it slows down. Changes in the epidermis are due to external factors, which contribute to generating oxidative stress, as well as internal factors, such as a decrease in Hyaluronic Acid. You’ve probably heard of this powerful hydrator, which is renowned for its ability to retain moisture, improve skin structure, keep skin smooth and plumped-up. Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in the body, but as you get older, your skin loses its capacity to produce it, causing levels to go down. As for oxidative stress – which can be generated by pollution, poor diet and other lifestyle factors – it happens when there’s an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants. This can lead to damaged skin cells, which can no longer function properly.
Our reformulated Precious Dynamic Youthcare range helps your skin to keep up with your fast pace of life. It contains a duo of active ingredients: (1) Immortelle Essential oil and a (2) dynamic Hyaluronic Acid complex to promote natural skin renewal.
(1) Immortelle essential oil is known to have antioxidant properties and helps to fight against the effects of daily aggressors. It helps to promote natural skin renewal.
(2) Our complex combines Hyaluronic Acid with silicon – an essential mineral that acts as a carrier, taking the Hyaluronic Acid deeper into the epidermis. Twice as powerful as standard Hyaluronic Acid, our dynamic complex is able to quadruple the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid in the skin.*
Working in perfect harmony with immortelle essential oil, this complex acts on key stages in the skin cycle, helping the skin to renew itself faster. Fine lines are smoothed out, skin is plumped with moisture and its texture is improved.
Amazingly, after just 10 days of use, tests showed a significant acceleration of natural skin renewal!**
* Ex vivo test on human skin explant after 9 days of application.
** Efficacy test on skin renewal on 20 women – Routine: Essential Water, Serum, Eye Balm, Cream
All these factors take a toll on your skin. It loses its plumpness, its texture becomes uneven, fine lines start to form and pores appear larger.
Immortelle essential oil is the exceptional ingredient that we’ve been using in our Precious range since it was launched in 2001. Our Immortelle is sourced exclusively from a sustainable supply chain in Corsica, where we set up the very first large-scale organic Immortelle plantation programme back in 2004. This variety of Helichrysum italicum is endemic to Corsica and contains a high concentration of a key molecule, neryl acetate – twice as high as that of Helichrysum from the Balkans. Rich in antioxidants, the essential oil extracted from this «golden sun» helps to protect against the effects of daily aggressors such as pollution and other harsh environmental factors. We’ve been harnessing this flower’s anti-ageing properties for over a decade, and yet it continues to surprise us…
Recently, our research team also discovered that immortelle essential oil has a protective effect of 71% in the case of overexposure to blue light.***
*** Ex vivo test on human skin explant, under blue light exposure.
10 days for skin that keeps up with you!
For the very first time at L’OCCITANE, we used a test that enables us to measure skin renewal – and it showed a significant acceleration: +28% after using the routine for just 10 days! *** We conducted tests on new and existing customers of all skin types, from Europe to Asia. In all, we carried out 41 tests – six of which were based on clinical efficacy tests – on over 1,000 women, involving 6,000 product applications.

Dynamic Youthcare Serum 30ML
This new formula harnesses the power of Immortelle and our dynamic Hyaluronic Acid complex to help “power up” your skin’s natural ability to renew itself and fight the effects of daily aggressors. Its light, hydrating texture sinks in easily, immediately working to smooth out fine lines and give skin a healthy-looking glow. A Lentil extract visibly tightens pores and refines skin’s texture. Plumped up with moisture, skin looks more youthful, more beautiful. Apply morning and evening to face and neck, after cleansing and before your moisturiser.
The glow-getter serum!
+30% in just 2 weeks
+70% after 4 weeks
Serum, clinical scoring, 33 women, Asia.

Dynamic Youthcare Cream 50ML
Incredibly rich yet rapidly absorbed, this cream combines the power of Immortelle and our dynamic Hyaluronic Acid complex to help power up the skin’s natural ability to renew itself and fight the effects of daily aggressors. Infused with moisture, skin looks smoother and more youthful, with a healthy glow. Fine lines are visibly reduced, and radiance is enhanced. Perfect for normal to dry skin, this cream doesn’t feel greasy, despite its ultra-rich, velvety texture. Use as a day and night cream, or even as a mask – simply apply a thin layer, leave on for 10 minutes, then remove any excess with a cotton pad.
Visibility of fine lines
-16% after 2 weeks
-27% after 4 weeks
Cream, efficacy test, image analysis, 29 women.
*** Clinical Skin renewal test, on 20 women. Routine: Essential Water + Serum + Eye Balm + Cream.

Essential Water 200ML
Use this alcohol-free toner to tone and prep your skin. Enriched with responsibly sourced Immortelle floral water from Corsica and Rose floral water, known for its soothing properties, it also contains mineralized Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and tone up the skin, leaving it feeling revitalised, with a healthy-looking glow. Easy to slip into your skincare routine, simply apply with a cotton pad morning and evening, after cleansing.

Enriched Water 200ML
Infused with Corsican Immortelle floral water and mineralized Hyaluronic Acid, our Enriched Water reveals an irresistible texture that’s both watery and gel-like at once. Perfect as the final step in your cleansing ritual, it plumps skin with moisture, helps to smooth out fine dehydration lines, and leaves skin feeling comfortable and more receptive to the benefits of the products that follow. Apply morning and evening to face and neck, after cleansing. You can use a cotton pad, of course, but why not just use your fingers and enjoy the sensation?

Dynamic Youthcare Fluid 50ML
Normal and combination skin will love this new lightweight, milky formula with its quick-absorbing, gel-cream texture. Corsican Immortelle essential oil, known for its antioxidant properties, helps to fight the visible signs of ageing, oxidation and protect against daily environmental stressors, while our dynamic Hyaluronic Acid complex helps skin to naturally renew itself. The non-greasy formula visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines, infuses skin with moisture, and seems to tighten pores and improve skin texture. Skin looks more youthful, plumped with moisture, and reveals a healthy-looking glow. Apply morning and evening to face and neck, avoiding contact with the eyes.

Energizing Eye Balm 15ML
Fine lines. Puffiness. Dark circles.
This eye balm targets key eye-area concerns. A trio of ingredients powers its performance: Immortelle essential oil, known to fight visible signs of ageing, the dynamic Hyaluronic Acid complex to boost skin’s ability to renew itself, and caffeine to help diminish signs of fatigue. Fine lines below the eyes are smoothed out. The appearance of puffiness and dark circles is visibly improved. The entire eye area looks revitalised. Use morning and evening, gently dabbing onto the skin and working outwards from the inner corners of the eyes. The non-greasy, fragrance-free, light but nourishing texture melts into the skin immediately.
Fine lines below the eyes
-13% after 2 weeks
-26% after 4 weeks
-32% after 8 weeks
Eye balm, clinical scoring, 46 women for 2 and 4 weeks, 47 women for 8 weeks.
Aimed at women who love finding little ways to help boost the effects of their skincare, these facial exercises are designed to make you and your skin feel happy and energised. 30 seconds are all you need every morning. For each step, hold for three seconds and repeat three times.

1. Push up
Help keep skin toned.

2. Stretch out
Smooth forehead lines.

3. Bounce up
Focus on laughter lines
Soften laughter lines.
94% of women who practised this workout said it was revitalising
for their skin, while 100% said it made them – and their skin
– feel full of energy and vitality!*****

***** Consumer test on 32 women in Asia after 2 weeks.
Routine: Essential Water, Serum, Eye Balm, Cream.
Essential Water 200ml
115 AED – 125 SR – 115 QAR – 9 KD – 11.75 BD – 22.25 JD – 47,000 LBP

Enriched Water 200ml
115 AED – 125 SR – 115 QAR – 9 KD – 11.75 BD – 22.25 JD – 47,000 LBP

Serum 30ml
339 AED – 349 SR – 335 QAR – 26.5 KD – 34.75 BD – 65.5 JD – 140,000 LBP

Cream 50ml
299 AED – 305 SR – 299 QAR – 23.5 KD – 31 BD – 57.75 JD – 123,000 LBP

Fluid 50ml
299 AED – 305 SR – 299 QAR – 23.5 KD – 31 BD – 57.75 JD – 123,000 LBP

Eye Balm 50ml
229 AED – 239 SR – 209 QAR – 18 KD – 23.5 BD – 44.25 JD – 95,000 LBP

Novelties available in store and on our website from September 5th, 2019.

Marie-Capucine Akilian
Senior Communications Director
+971 (0)4.455.61.26,
Havas PR Middle East

L’Occitane is a global, natural and organic ingredient-based cosmetics and well-being products manufacturer and retailer with strong regional roots in Provence, France. With stores all over the world and a growing presence in the Middle East, the brand is committed to developing and retailing high quality products that are rich in natural and organic ingredients of traceable origins and respect for the environment.

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