*Debora Cattoni celebrates Ferruccio Lamborghini birthday in Dubai*

Debora Cattoni, The italian Manager And Producer of special Events dedicated to The story of The Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder of “ In Memory Of Ferruccio Lamborghini “ will be with his Birthday Gala Dinner Show to Dubai, at The Polo Club Equestrian.

Fabio Lamborghini will be his Special Guest, And We will have a scenography of Lamborghini Super Cars, for This celebration. From Italy will come many Artists like Francesco Gonzalez Born in Mexico that will gift to Debora some portrait, And will do some live performance.

We will have Roberto Tucciarelli like singer that will dedicate to Debora And Fabio Lamborghini some special song of Frank Sinatra, because Sinatra was a special fan of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

In This night we have also many Super Models And One VIP Conjurer, The fil rouge of This Birthday in Lamborghini will be “ Art – Nature – Beauty And Super Cars “ for This Debora has chosen This beautiful location like Polo Club Club Equestrian.

Debora love Lamborghini story, And Frank Sinatra in One Club night in New York for millonaire people Told: “ If you want be some One you buy FERRARI, if you are already Some One you buy Lamborghini “ And This is perfect Style for This gala night where in One only night all can happen with so many surprise And Artists.

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