Evil Ice Queen Halloween Look with Benefit Cosmetics

Evil Ice Queen Halloween Look with Benefit Cosmetics
By Yara Ayoob, Benefit Cosmetics’ Regional Brow Artist

Do you ever find yourself having to think of a Halloween look at the last minute? You know how it is; everyone around you probably already have their Halloween looks planned out from months before but you probably didn’t have time to think of anything! Trust me, we’ve all been there before.

But, today you’re in luck! I’ve created a super simple yet scarily chic Evil Ice Queen Halloween Look using none other than Benefit Cosmetics’ brow products! This look is very easy to recreate while using products you already have in your makeup pouch. I’m going to save you those precious hours of scouring the internet for Halloween looks and take you through exactly how to get this beautifully icy look.

Let’s start off with the base. First, grab a foundation shade around four shades lighter than your actual skin tone. We want this look to be super pale and icy, as every Evil Ice Queen should be! Apply the foundation all over your face including your ears and neck to fully achieve that undead look. Next, grab a concealer that is also three to four shades lighter than your usual shade and brighten under your eyes. Finally, set your face with a highlighter or a shimmery powder to give you that frosty look!

Time to switch things up a bit. Just because you don’t have much time left to think of a Halloween look doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy new products. In fact, you can create the exact look you want by using brow products! Since we’re going for an evil look, we need to get that contour super sharp and defined. In order to get those cheekbones, forehead and jawline sculpted, the perfect product you will need is Foolproof Brow Powder in the shade number 5! This is the best powder to contour with for this look since the intensity will have you looking as evil as ever. Sweep your angled contouring brush into the brow powder and contour your heart away! Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend! The best part about using this brow powder to contour is that it is blends very easily and doesn’t leave any harsh lines. Trust me, you’ll definitely be using this technique again!

Moving onto the eyes, apply a dark brown eyeshadow all over your lids and crease, pushing the shadow into your brow hairs. This will give you the creepy look that you’re looking for. Next, use a liquid light pink highlighter get those lashes looking icy by brushing it through with a spoolie as if you are applying a mascara.

Time for my favorite part – the brows! In order to make your last-minute Halloween look stand out, focus on your brows in being the boldest they’ve ever been! Begin by brushing your brows upwards to locate exactly where to outline. Next, to get that super thick brow look you need to use Ka-BROW! Eyebrow Cream-Gel Colour in its darkest shade which is number 6. The aim here is to go very bold without over-lining or changing your brow shape. Dip the angled brush into the cream-gel and outline your brows exactly around their perimeter. Follow by generously filling them in fully until the tail of your brow, just leave a bit of space at the start of your brow that you’ll fill in later. Don’t be afraid to dip back into the cream-gel pot and pile on the product! Next, grab your Foolproof Brow Powder again but this time we’ll be using it on our brows. I love how versatile this product can be! Take the blending sponge in the powder box and apply the powder at the start of your brow right where you didn’t fill in. This will help in making your brows fuller and bolder.

Don’t forget that your lips must look as pale and shimmery as possible! Apply the same liquid highlighter you used on your lashes onto your lips. You can set the liquid highlighter with a powder highlighter for extra shimmer. Evil Ice Queens should look like their lips are always frozen!

To complement the Evil Ice Queen look, all you need are face crystals that you stick onto your forehead and a bit on your brows that you can purchase from anywhere. They’re very convenient and a huge time saver.

There you have it! A super simple Evil Ice Queen Halloween look that you can easily achieve last minute. Take advantage of the makeup you have at home and use it for other purposes to create fun and unique looks that people would never forget. Happy Halloween!

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