WHISPER Launches New Range of Essential Mattresses for UAE Market

WHISPER Launches New Range of Essential Mattresses
for UAE Market

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WHISPER, the UAE’s leading online mattress retailer, has launched a new range of Essential Mattresses for the UAE market. Featuring all the popular WHISPER comfort, cool sleep, and Silver technology, the new range offers customers premium mattresses at a better value.

Most people think that a good night’s sleep is potentially pricey, and that a bespoke, top-of-the-line mattress is needed for a deep, restful slumber. Thanks to WHISPER, residents in the UAE can now put aside any preconceived notions that quality sleep comes at a high price with the introduction of the WHISPER Essential Mattress.

WHISPER, responsible for kick-starting the online mattress-in-a-box business model in the country, has expanded its offerings to make a good night’s sleep more accessible to everyone. The WHISPER Essential Mattress packs in premium innovations the brand has always been known for – unmatched comfort, optimal support for proper spine alignment, ideal cool sleep temperature and silver technology, all at a value-add price.

“The goal was pretty straightforward when we founded WHISPER – create products that will get rid of pain and help sleepers wake up reenergized and fuelled for the next day. Since disrupting the UAE mattress industry with our pioneering business model and mattress technologies, we are continuously innovating our goal of helping people sleep better, and the new Essential Mattress range is a new positive disruption for the market,” said Dominik Zunkovic, Founder of WHISPER.

The WHISPER Essential Mattress, ergonomically-designed and precisely engineered to provide the best sleep possible, is made up of 2 cm Quantum Foam Layer, 5 Layers of Comfort and 24 cm of Support. The brand’s proprietary open-cell Quantum foam is an industry-leading innovation that makes this new mattress an excellent buy. Highly sensitive and responsive, Quantum foam cradles the sleeper, adapting to the shape of his body to provide pressure point relief and complete contouring comfort. Unlike memory foam, Quantum foam is an open-cell foam that is breathable, allowing heat and sweat to dissipate for a cosy and comfortable sleep throughout the night.

WHISPER also uses thermoregulating fabric in the Essential Mattress, which helps the sleeper cool down when it’s hot or warms him when it’s cold. Sleepers can also adjust the mattress’ firmness according to their preferences, further ensuring maximum comfort. On top of these, the mattress boasts WHISPER’s silver technology, that is, it is made with real silver, which helps eliminate bacteria and microbes, prevents dust mites as well as gets rid of odours.

“The WHISPER Essential Mattress comes at a more accessible pricing point, but our core technologies and innovations are still there. We are determined to be ahead of the curve. Expanding our offerings enables us to reach a broader consumer base while staying true to who we are,” Dominik commented.

Constantly committed to offering the best service to customers, WHISPER also offers a 100-night risk-free sleep trial for the Essential Mattress with money back guarantee. Moreover, the mattress comes with a 12-year warranty for complete customer satisfaction.

“At WHISPER, we create real solutions designed for better, more restful sleep so that more and more people can feel healthier, and happier. We started off with the WHISPER Original Mattress – our premium mattress that cater to those who want to indulge with all the comfort with its 4 cm Quantum Foam Layer, 6 Layers of Comfort, 28 cm of Support and patented Silver Shield Technology for EMF Waves Protection,” Dominik said. “We believe we are innovative in the use of modern technology and high-quality materials for our products. There is a lot more to be done, and you can count on it that WHISPER will be bringing our customers even more choices and options in the future.”

The WHISPER Essential Mattress is available in 12 sizes with price starting at AED 1,699. To place an order, or to know more about WHISPER, visit http://www.whisper-sleep.ae.

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