Medcare Announces Partnership with Finesse…..

Medcare Announces Partnership with Finesse to deliver a more seamless patient experience
Delivered by Finesse and UiPath, the automation solution will support Medcare to further improve care delivery

United Arab Emirates, Dubai – 11th October 2019 – Medcare, one of the pioneering healthcare providers in the region, recently announced its strategic partnership with Finesse, one of the global leaders in digital transformation, and Uipath, a renowned Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, to deliver a more seamless patient experience and continued value generation.

RPA will be applied within the administrative processes currently assessing insurance eligibility across Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres.
Finesse will use the UiPath RPA platform to build a one-stop process bot which will safely and securely gather information from several departments to support the rigorous Insurance Eligibility Process- and will link to the patients’ Emirates IDs. The RPA bot will then access insurance portals to check for eligibility of the patient to claim the insurance for the treatment. The same process will be repeated by the bot in case the first insurance portal doesn’t hold the ID number for insurance claim and so forth, till the eligibility is found.

“Our digital transformation that seeks to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes will continue to be bolstered by strategic technology investments. The new layer of automation solutions would enable our teams to redirect time-savings to greater service excellence. With reduced waiting times and even faster insurance approvals, our teams will be uniquely placed to deliver the most personalized service.” said Andre Daoud, Chief Executive Officer at Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres.

“We are delighted to provide Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres with the best-in-class RPA solution to enhance its journey of digital transformation. We will ensure a secure, and feasible RPA platform for upscaling customer handling and relationship management. This transformation is surely going to simplify the insurance eligibility process for Medcare’s employees as well as their existing patients,” said Sunil Paul, Co-Founder & COO, Finesse.

“The leaders of the country have identified healthcare as a key sector of focus and a priority within the UAE Vision’s National Agenda, that is a guideline for our organization. We believe that the automation solutions provided by UiPath and implemented by Finesse will allow Medcare to create a highly scalable digital workforce to support their transformation agenda.
The capacity created by freeing employees from repetitive and non-value adding tasks, will enable them focus on better care for patients and their families. It will also significantly decrease wait times and create an improved experience for all,” Karan Dixit, Vice President, Middle East and Africa at UiPath

Digital technologies are at the forefront of Medcare. Integrated into day-to-day processes, Medcare professionals are consistently using technology to digitalise the patient experience and create a sustainable model that enables the highest standards of care delivery.
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