PROW Emphasizes the Importance of ‘Big Security’ in the Age of ‘Big Data’ at GITEX 2019

PROW Emphasizes the Importance of ‘Big Security’ in the Age of ‘Big Data’ at GITEX 2019

Two thirds of IT security breaches are due to a combination of employee negligence and malicious hacking
PROW showcases services from partners Expandium, ExtraHop and Zyalin at GITEX 2019

Dubai-based smart ICT service provider harnesses network data to improve a business’s performance and security
October 7th, 2019: PROW, a Dubai-based provider of system integration and professional IT and ICT services, is warning against complacency in data security as it showcases its suite of pioneering big data analytics and security solutions from leading global partners at GITEX 2019.

In an increasingly complex world of global businesses using interconnected multi-platform IT systems merging server and cloud-based data centres, the importance of collecting and monitoring data becomes ever more vital. However, big data needs big data analytics and big security, and PROW provides all of these with its suite of industry-leading smart ICT solutions from partners Expandium, ExtraHop and Zyalin.

Roland Hashem, Managing Director of PROW, said: “In recent years, the Middle East has increasingly been a target for coordinated transnational cybercrime attacks. Cybercrime is becoming ever more sophisticated, costing the global economy hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Interestingly, two thirds of IT security breaches are due to a combination of employee negligence and malicious hacking, so it is avoidable with the right systems in place.”

“CIOs across the world are beginning to realise that relying on employee vigilance alone is not sufficient to ensure the security of company networks. Tracking and analysing network data for anomalies and red flags is the ideal solution for multi-national corporations with highly complex multi-platform hybrid IT systems.”
Hashem goes on to say that tracking network data is not only useful for security purposes, but also to improve a business’s efficiency, financial performance, customer experience and service quality. “Our partners use the most advanced techniques such as machine learning, stream processing and pattern detection to offer insights and analytics for network monitoring, fraud detection, troubleshooting and much more. We enable businesses to harness the power of big data to improve their operational effectiveness at almost every level.”

Expandium is an innovation leader in real-time network monitoring and business intelligence solutions serving telecom ecosystems. Its customers are organizations with a strong focus on customer experience, operating and leveraging telecom networks in data-rich, demanding, complex and multi-player environments.
Since its establishment in 2005, Expandium has provided telecommunication operators with the latest generation of tools to build network intelligence analytics, ranging from troubleshooting to optimization through Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Service Quality Management (SQM). Expandium solutions are 5G-ready and can monitor almost all network interfaces currently in operation.
Ensuring network security and performance for businesses across both on-site and cloud-based server networks, ExtraHop delivers complete visibility, real-time threat detections, and guided investigation powered by cloud-scale machine learning.
ExtraHop Reveal(x) is the industry leader in Network Detection and Response (NDR), using wire data monitoring to offer real-time feedback across the entire network, providing complete east-west visibility, real-time threat detection, and guided investigation through network-wide traffic analysis.
Reveal(x) can automatically detect new, suspicious or unmanaged devices so you always know what’s active in your network, and comprehensively detect late-stage attack activities using Machine Learning-based behaviour, rules, and custom triggers defined by the businesses themselves.
ExtraHop Performance Platform
The ExtraHop Performance Platform provides the complete visibility and insights you need to eliminate blind spots in your application delivery chain and ensure high quality user experience. ExtraHop works on-premises, in the public cloud, and in hybrid environments so that you have end-to-end visibility into every revenue-generating application in every environment, and no longer need to patch together incomplete data from logs, agents and feeds to troubleshoot a flagged issue.
ExtraHop puts data and alerts into context, allowing IT teams to get to the bottom of every issue faster and move to resolution in a matter of clicks, saving hours of troubleshooting time and enabling real-time insights and response.
Digital security and monitoring don’t just apply to businesses – they are vital at home too. As the Internet becomes increasingly flooded with content and information of all types, it’s increasingly important to be able to shield children from content that is malicious or inappropriate.
However, many parents don’t have the time or technical know-how to set up parental controls on each Internet device separately. Zyalin provides Telecom operators with white-label hardware and software parental internet control solutions for both broadband and mobile services, giving operators the ability to provide easy-to-use parental control solutions to their customers for any connected device.
Devices can simply be plugged in to an existing home router with no further installations to any of the family’s devices, enabling parents to control and manage internet access for every device connected to the home Wi-Fi, including phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs and games consoles.
Zyalin’s solutions provide parents with the tools to combat a broad range of issues, including reducing overall Internet use by applying time limits, parental controls to filter inappropriate content, blocking selected websites and online games to prevent gaming addiction, prevent cyber-bullying and much more.
You can find PROW in Hall 4 at booth B1 at GITEX 2019 from October 6th-10th at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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