Four Middle Eastern jewelry artisans will showcase their collection in Kulture House for a limited time only: 1st to 31st October

The creators of Kulture House have a particular penchant for beautiful aesthetics, having created a stunning space that inspires and excites. They have a dedicated pop-up space in which they will invite a variety of local artists, fashion & accessory brands to showcase their collections. During the month of October, Kulture House will be hosting a jewelry pop-up, with four regional designers participating- Aisha Baker, Five 2, Gafla and Shamsa Alabbar.

Aisha Baker- A Dubai based luxury jewelry brand is a collab between Aisha Baker and Hoonik Chang. Aisha Baker’s collection escapes to the fairytales of childhood: to the enchanted forests, mysterious castles and bewitching characters of folklore. Every piece is a reinvention of classic talks translated to the 21st century woman.
Price range: AED 5,900- AED 85,000

Five 2- Handmade in Dubai & founded by two young friends- Five 2 is a unique yet versatile line of delicate 18K gold rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones. The debut collection, The Cosmic Way is inspired by the notion of wearing astronomical elements.
Price range: AED 1,500-22,000

Gafla- A contemporary fine jewelry brand based in Dubai. Its founders came together with a shared passion for the pioneering philosophy of their Emirati heritage and the role this can play in cutting edge modern jewelry design. Today Gafla reinvents the countless stories and symbols of Arabian traditions, creating unique and stunning jewels for the international collector.
Price range: AED 2,000- AED 30,000

Shamsa Alabbar – The collection takes traditional Arabic calligraphy that has been an integral part of the culture and reworks it to create something unusual and beautiful. This experimental jewelry line is edgy, modern, geometric and distinctive and is created for design appreciators.
Price range: AED 1,400- AED 12,000

Location: 106 Jumeirah Beach Road. Jumeirah Beach Road (opposite Beach Centre)
Opening Times: 9 am- 10 pm
Parking: Complimentary valet parking is available

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