Al Rostamani Communications LLC (ARC) partners with GEMS Education…..

Al Rostamani Communications LLC (ARC) partners with GEMS Education to fortify data protection strategy for their end points security

GEMS Education highlights that safeguarding student data is an integral part of the institute

29th September, 2019- Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Al Rostamani Communications LLC (ARC), a leading ICT solutions provider and systems integrator has partnered with GEMS Education, one of the world’s oldest and largest K-12 private education providers. Al Rostamani Communications has designed and successfully deployed McAfee System Security solution to over 50 plus schools remotely which are centrally managed from their Head Office. GEMS Education has one of the largest endpoint footprints of about 22,000 systems protected by McAfee ENS in the region.

The complete solution offering will drive GEMS Education to reap foreseeable benefits such as regulatory, data protection and reducing inherent technology risks & exposure to internal and external threats. ARC has been working with GEMS for many years and are proud to partner with them by providing email & cloud security solutions.

Partnering with ARC, GEMS Education system is secured with robust mechanism which manages, controls, monitors and meters the data effectively. GEMS Education has implemented multiple information security initiatives to enhance its end user awareness through simulation exercise, posters, screen savers and trainings

Youssef Fawaz, General Manager, Al Rostamani Communications said, “We are glad to announce that we have one of the prestigious project on board from GEMS to expand their current Endpoint Security to “Data Protection Strategy” with solutions such as, CASB – Cloud Access Security Broker, DLP – Data Loss Prevention & Email Security. By deploying CASB & DLP technology, GEMS mechanism will be more vigilant in protecting data whilst ensuring that the right people have the right access to the right data at the right time with full visibility & compliance”.

Shabeer Mohammed, Vice President- Group Head- Technology Services, GEMS Education said, “Al Rostamani Communications LLC (ARC) ‘s right solution, competitive offering and implementation strategy is a welcome message for us. Our partnership with ARC will ensure that none of our data is leaked and goes in the wrong hands. Since spill out of data is not restricted to emails but also to end point devices- laptop, desktop”.

Vivek Gupta, Vice President – Head of Information Security, GEMS Education said, “Al Rostamani Communications LLC (ARC) brings in a rich expertise in diverse technology and caters to our combination of multiple suit of products. With Al Rostamani Communications coming on board with us, we aim to secure our data more effectively and maintain it for a long-term lifecycle and error free”.


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