Z7 Communications Wins Fine Jewellery Brand Nina Runsdorf

Z7 Communications Wins Fine Jewellery Brand Nina Runsdorf

Z7 Communications announces new client Nina Runsdorf, a unique fine jeweller hailing from New York, USA. The striking brand makes up one of thirteen luxury brands within Z7 Communications’ Fine Jewellery & Watches ever-growing division, welcoming global brands and introducing them to the region for the very first time.


“We are thrilled to be welcoming another brand driven by an inspiring and passionate female designer to the z7 luxury portfolio. It’s a pleasure to be launching this incredible jeweller in the region,”

said Zeina El-Dana, Founder & CEO of Z7 Communications.

New York native Nina Runsdorf is the inspirational designer and driving force behind the namesake label which she founded after designing the Flip Ring in 2005, which has since become her most iconic piece and now includes three different sizes. Runsdorf has also been applauded for her innovative and distinctive sliced diamonds, which lend a unique finish to the precious stones. Ever since the launch of her first collection almost 15 years ago, she has become renowned for her elegant, modern and creative pieces which she says are never too precious to wear.

Nina’s jewellery is strongly influenced by art, fashion and her love of colour with the eclectic and colorful gems being personally sourced internationally. Wanting to bring a sense of joy and ease to her designs, Runsdorf considers her company more lifestyle than just fine jewelry. The brand is an extension of her personality

I’ve always believed that jewelry isn’t just a visual delight but that it should touch all the senses – Nina Runsdorf

Nina Runsdorf runs her company from a beautiful and intimate atelier on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. In her salon, guests are invited to discover her creations as well as some of her favorite art pieces and the story behind the artists who inspire her designs. The journey is very personal which perfectly reflects the brand being an extension of her personality.

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